Fourth dose vaccine also for those over 50?

This will expand the audience of Italians welcome to receive the second reminder? In the fall, when we suppose that I infections will multiply againcould be extended to more than 50 or at the healthy over 60. But everything is still to be defined, the question depends on some unknowns to date unresolved.

Concomitance with the flu vaccine

First, we need to understand when and if companies will be ready with a bivalent vaccinecontaining two strains of the virus (in addition to the original one of Wuhanalso the Omicron variant) with the addition of the flu medicine.

“During the next summer, the request for authorization will be analyzed by the regulatory authorities”, outlines an approximate deadline Nicholas Magrinihead of Aifa (Italian Medicines Agency) who prefers to quote it as “annual dose“. But the perplexities of the Italians remain numerous and to this day the Government – which only recently announced details of who will immediately receive the fourth dose – has not yet spoken clearly about the medium- and long-term outlook.

Second reminder, who to recommend it to?

The objective now is to prepare to anticipate a new pandemic rise. For the moment there is certainly only the second reminderis what is commonly understood by recallin the indications disclosed in recent days, it has been recommended a over 80 years old (provided they did not have the infection, which is worth one dose), RSA guests and subjects between 60 and 79 years old with chronic pathologies.

But in different parts of the world they have already started laboratory analysis campaigns and the data collected so far does not only speak of elderly and sick. An Israeli study showed that the second reminder protects up to 4 times more individuals who receive it versus those who choose not to undergo it.

The dramatic decline in new vaccinees

Meanwhile, the photo of vaccination campaign continues to be reassuring despite the question marks for the future. According to this week’s data, the 90% of Italians he is immune to at least two dosesbut then an attitude took over which experts (linguists, not just epidemiologists) renamed “vaccine fatigue“.

He spoke on the subject Gianni Rezzahead of prevention at the Ministry of Health, who nevertheless chose not to dramatize: “It’s a typical phenomenon of all vaccination campaigns. In the beginning there is the honeymoona phase of stasis ensues because the perception that Covid is dangerous weakens precisely because fall in severe cases. We are, however, talking about a safe vaccine“.

Overall, the situation is also considered satisfactory by Francois Locatellithe president of the Superior Health Councilwho expressed himself with these words: “90% have completed the primary cyclethat is, the one consisting of two doses, while ben 39 million among those it is recommended to have had the booster, 4 are missing range 5-11 years, we could have hoped for better results (only one in three children had both injections) but we did better than France and Germany. Pediatricians do not push? A doctor who does not recommend vaccination is incompatible with the job“.


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