Free public transport and sports for Ukrainian refugees, the Democratic Party’s proposal: “Facilities also for other refugees”

Genoa. The agenda presented by the leader of the PD group to the Genoa City Council is intended for discussion – provided that it is admitted for discussion by the secretariat. Alessandro Terrileand that, in essence, asks Mayor Bucci and the junta to ensure that it extends to all refugeesasylum seekers or beneficiaries of international protection the concessions, aids and gratuities put in place by public administrations for Ukrainian refugees.

The document will be presented in support of a motionpresent by the advisor Dem Cristina Eulogy on the theme of welcoming Afghan refugeesa request that was filed last September but which is now both outdated and highly topical.

Provided therefore that Terrile’s agenda is declared admissible, it will be curious to see how the parties will align before the proposal. Whether the city council unanimously decides whether to activate aid and networks for all refugees in the city, not just Ukrainians, or whether there will be a distinction between the opposition and the majority benches.

It is undeniable that the question can be defined instrumentalas it happened other times in the red courtroom, then taken by the center-right. Corn maybe who, on the contrary, the surprise majority decides not to give in to provocation and agrees to vote on the document: a scenario that would even have a national scope.

The starting point for the agenda, however, was provided by some initiatives put in place by the city of Genoa and the institutions. For example free public transport Amt granted to Ukrainians who present on board the documents attesting to their presence in Genoa because they are fleeing the war. WHERE the availability of dozens of sports clubsunder the aegis of the Region, open gyms and facilities to Ukrainian boys.

Terrile, in his document, recalls Article 10 of the Constitution “The foreigner, who is prevented in his country from the effective exercise of the democratic freedoms guaranteed by the Italian Constitution, has the right
right of asylum in the territory of the Republic, under the conditions established by law “) e Directive 2011/95/EU which lays down the rules for granting citizens of third countries or stateless persons the status of beneficiary of international protection.

Then he considers “it is a duty to extend the concessions and gratuities granted to Ukrainian refugees to any beneficiary of international protection residing in our city” And “urges the mayor and the junta to extend the economic concessions and gratuities granted to Ukrainian refugees to all refugees, asylum seekers or, in any case, beneficiaries of international protection“.

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