From concerts to sports, the new look of Polaresco-

Of Rosanna Scardi

Saturday, April 2, the inauguration of the youth space managed by the Doc network The Poli adviser: clairvoyant project

Concerts, shared spaces, sports, taste and much more. the Polarized restarts in the name of creativity. The inauguration will take place tomorrow (Saturday April 2) from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., then with live performances by Claudia Buzzetti and Cane Maggiore from 8:30 p.m.; and Sunday at 7 p.m. with the performance of Il peso del corpo. The new look of the youth space, managed by the Doc network, was presented byYouth Policy Advisor Loredana Poli, by Demetrio Chiappa, president of the Doc network, by artistic director Andrea Ponzoni (Freecom Hub) and by Sarah Milazzo, space manager. The future-oriented Doc project is aimed at young people, rich in content – specifies the curator -. This is also demonstrated by the simple yet welcoming layout. This place regains value and presence thanks to municipal investments in sports-related structures, such as locker rooms.

Demetrio Chiappa stressed the importance of focusing on aggregation, socialization and sharing, guaranteeing stability and protecting the work of the subjects involved. The programming of the events will be partly entrusted to Studio Murena, one of the most interesting names in the new Italian urban/jazz scene, in order to create a real factory. Indeed, the artistic direction will be supported by a team of less than 25 consultants to support the emerging scene and build the staff of tomorrow. The calendar (to be defined) will give space to Gabriella Martinelli who will lead a workshop on author’s writing, Merifiore, Manitoba, Piove, Missey, Iosonorama, along with the winners of the Bianca d’Aponte Prize. On April 8, Massimo Coppola will perform with Max Furian and Federico Malaman in a tribute to Pino Daniele; Giangilberto Monti, collaborator of Dario Fo, will offer a tour/show on the theater of song; also on stage the winner of Musicultura Davide Zilli.

The space will host the new edition of Nuovi Suoni Live: the announcement of the competition will be opened on April 18. In addition to instructional labs, workshops, forums, and co-planning with adjacent schools, classes in podcasting, music management, music for games, and technology academy will continue. It will be possible to practice co-working and co-study, while the bistro, renewed in style and proposals, will be frequented for lunch breaks and aperitifs. Two rehearsal rooms will be available to artists, while for athletes there will be the skatepark, fields and gym facilities.

The assignment of the management of Polaresco at the center of a political file: was reported to ANAC by Northern League adviser Stefano Rovetta, who asked Anti-Corruption to verify the regularity of the tender.

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