From farm to fork: for food safety and the defense of Italian cuisine

Pexceptional arteries of Milan for ”From farm to fork” a conference on food safety and the defense of Italian cuisine costing our agri-food products more than $100 million in counterfeits and imitations in foreign markets. A confrontation with several voices between experts, politicians and professionals of the sector promoted by UniVerde, Asacert, Coldiretti of Milan-Monza and Lodi and sponsored by Italia a Tavola. Among the speakers (remotely) the Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia, the former Minister of Agriculture and President of the UniVerde Foundation Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, Giorgio Calabrese, President of the National Committee for Food Safety of the Ministry of Health and Enrico Derfligher, President of Euro- Toques Italia and International.

The time of the presentation

Safe food and sustainability at the center of the debate

Safe food, sustainability and the certified origin of the products that end up on our tables: these are the issues addressed during two hours of debate that highlighted the great potential of our rural world in the light of one of the most most important of the post-war period, that approved on May 18, 2001 which opened the era of multifunctionality, with the modernization of the sector.

“We wanted the territorial identity of food with the census of more than 5000 typical products, made in the embryo of digital agriculture – said Pecoraro Scanio – with product certification”.

Italy is a heritage to be protected

Promoting and enhancing Italian food and wine heritageguaranteed and certified, from the healthiness and sustainability of the agri-food chains that give life to some of the most sustainable productions in Europe. Italy is at the top of the world for organic growing areas, thanks to its 80,000 operators, and is one of the most sustainable among European countries. To keep these archives intact, it is necessary to fight against the phenomena of Italian sounding and international agropiracy. Therefore, concrete commitments are necessary to facilitate the presence of original Italian products on the global distribution network, to provide the right information to the foreign consumer on the quality of the real Italian product, to promote the productions of the territories and fight fake foodto offer thanks to new technologies the possibility of immediately reading the tracking of the product on the shelves and the catering activities certified 100% Italian Taste.

Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio From farm to fork: for food safety and the defense of Italian cuisine

Alphonse Pecoraro Scanio

The intervention of Minister Garavaglia

“Gastronomy and wine are a trend that intercepts the tourist offer in all its types – underlined Minister Garavaglia – The first action to be taken is promote the Italian system in a coordinated way between the Regions. The Italian survey shows us that we have to recover billions of potential market. To do this, it is essential to give value to the network of Italian restaurants abroad, those that use real products from our territories, rules and regulations in the protocols. We must ensure that we mobilize this network of taste ambassadors, promote our food culture to appreciate the true quality of Italian restaurants around the world“.

Asacert and the ITA0039 protocol

“In 2021, Asacert’s control activities in Italian restaurants around the world, which require ITA0039 100% Italian Taste certification, have enabled only 79 restaurants inspected out of 107 to obtain certification – said Fabrizio Capaccioli, CEO of Asacert and creator of the protocol – In the others it was found the presence of at least one non-Italian product, but with marks that recall Made in Italy. With the ITA0039 protocol, we promote the defense of Italian agri-food heritage and certify it worldwide. We will also do this through a fake food observatory which, also thanks to the reports collected in the ITA0039 app, will allow us to monitor the state of health of Made in Italy in the production of the Belpaese and respond to the emergency fake foods. Only then will it be possible defend the origin, authenticity, quality and safety of real Italian products“.

An eye on nutritional value

In line with the recommendations of the European Parliament on the Farm to Fork Strategy (farm to fork), the call has been renewed for EFSA to extend attention to quality in a broader sense which also includes value nutritional value of food and ensuring that the environmental impact of food production throughout the supply chain is minimized.

Giorgio Calabrese, President of the National Food Safety Committee at the Ministry of Health was clear: “EFSA has given our country very important but not decisive and scalable help. It is necessary to evolve the concept of safety, from safety to quality, health and healthcare. In other words, we need more clarity on the criteria for growing agri-food products and on those for use, to protect consumers who must be able to count on the necessary guarantees. Our objective is therefore to make EFSA evolve into a major European authority, an institution that enables ensure quality longevity“.

The role of agriculture and cooks

Alessandro Rota, President of Coldiretti Milan, Lodi, Monza and Brianza recalled that “Italian agriculture is not only recognized as the greenest in Europe, but already today it is a leader in achieving the strategic objectives indicated by farm to table and food safety. It is no coincidence that in our country the greatest number of checks are carried out on food safety and strict rules are applied”.

Finally, Enrico Derflingher, president of Euro-Toques Italia and International, the European association of chefs. “We strongly support the call made with Professor Calabrese, his friend Pecoraro Scanio and many other authoritative figures who have been engaged for years in the battle for the protection of agro-food quality – he stressed – It is essential to To look forward.looking for routes and initiatives that support small producers in the territories, who make excellence their hallmark, whose defense has always been the flagship of Euro-Toques. The subject treated is extremely important to me and has often seen me as a protagonist of the activities that I have always carried out abroad as an ambassador of Italian cuisine in the world for the protection of Made in Italy”.


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