From farm to table, the value of food is learned at school

The sixth edition of “Moments not to lose” has begun, the educational project promoted by Whirlpool Corporation in about 900 Italian schools, including 54 in Tuscany, for the fight against food waste.
Readings, games, exercises and many daily activities to hang up anti-waste behavior from an early age for sustainable and united food consumption.

Florence: Learning not to throw away food, especially now that even food commodities have suffered a sudden price increase, is not only good practice, but a real necessity. Recognizing the importance of sustainable food consumption, Whirlpool Corporation, for the sixth consecutive year, is launching the Moments not to waste project (, reaffirming its commitment to reducing household food waste. Momenti da non wastare is an educational project for education in food, sustainable and solidarity consumption that involves free of charge this school year about 900 primary schools throughout Italy, including 54 in Tuscany270 in Poland335 in Slovakia and 300 in UK. The project will end with the national competition “Talent Kitchen – Your anti-waste advice”, which will put the best experiences of schools online and allow a donation to support the activities of the Banco Alimentare Onlus.

The latest data from the Il Case Italia 2022 report by Waste Watcher International confirms how important it is now to raise awareness among citizens about good food consumption. The report reveals that Italians threw around 30.956 kg of food each in the trash, 15% more than in 2020, for a total of 7 billion euros gone up in smoke.

“With Moments You Can’t Lose, Whirlpool continues its commitment to supporting sustainability education, consistent with its mission to constantly seek the betterment of life at home. – comments Maurizio David Sberna, Director of Communications and Corporate Reputation EMEA of Whirlpool Corporation – Household appliances are, indeed, indispensable in the preservation and preparation of food, and each year they contribute to reducing food waste both improving food preparation and extending its useful life.”

“Moments not to lose”. From farm to table, a journey to discover the value of food

How is food produced? How is it purchased and stored? How is it cooked and eaten? Thanks to Unmissable Moments, the educational project promoted by Whirlpool and dedicated to children, their families and teachers, students from 900 Italian primary schools embark on a fascinating five-step journey to discover how the products of the land end up on our tables and to understand how important it is to give fair value to food.

Thanks to an in-depth journey through the five stages of the food chain (production, purchase, storage, processing and consumption), the students make many useful and entertaining discoveries. We start with production: at first, children are transformed into small producers, at school they cultivate mini-gardens and at home they grow and grow onions. We then move on to the buying stage: in this phase, they become responsible “consumers”, carefully studying the shopping list and learning to read product labels and expiry dates. Arrived at the third stage, that of Conservation, they discover how to preserve food in the refrigerator by placing it on the correct shelves. During the fourth stage, that of the Kitchen, we go to the stove: anti-waste recipes to prepare as a family with the help of mom and dad and full of curiosities about the most famous or curious dishes in the world. The trip finally ends with the Consumption stage: lots of good little dishes to savor at the family table to make the most of the good times not to be wasted.

With Moments not to lose, which also includes online or face-to-face educational workshops, students learn “anti-waste” methods, familiarize themselves with cooking and the tools of the “trade”, learn to choose food according to seasonalityỳ and nutritional balance, understanding how to properly store and reuse food with the most suitable technological equipment. In addition, on the site pupils, families and teachers can find playful and educational readings with many tips to put into practice (from the ranking of the most sustainable foods to Let’s have fun with fruits and vegetables) and games to learn together (from the nuts of healthy habits to the technological puzzle).

Pupils and teachers also receive a paper kit, consisting of the “Teacher’s Guide”, and the journal “From the land to the table!” (for each student) in which, retracing the five stages of the food chain, you will find curiosities, exercises, simple and fun anti-waste recipes, and many small missions to be implemented on a daily basis for sustainable consumption and solidarity. Finally, classes will be able to participate in a Kitchen Game, a timed challenge that invites students to trace the food supply chain in the name of the zero-waste circular economy.

At the end of the educational course, the floor will return to the students with the national educational competition Talent Kitchen – Your anti-waste advice. Children will be able to participate by telling in an original and creative way the “Moments not to lose” spent in the kitchen with all the family and friends. Like, how? To tell in an original, creative and fun way, the importance of everyday moments with foods to choose and consume with a social and environmental conscience. Works of all formats and modes of expression, both analogue and digital, are eligible for the competition: from storybooks to short stories; from layout to pop-up book, from video game to application; from the theatrical scenario to a video-recorded show with sets and costumes. The winning class will receive a prize of 2,000 euros in teaching materials, while the second and third will receive a prize of 1,000 euros each in the same way. Schools can participate by connecting to, from where the rules and the participation form can be downloaded. Entries must be sent before May 31, 2022.

As proof of its continued commitment to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and strengthening its support in the fight against waste, Whirlpool, for each class participating in the Talent kitchen, will make a donation to Banco Alimentare Onlus, supporting the Organization in the recovery of food surpluses and their redistribution to charitable structures.


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