From Lodi to Bahrain, a sports weekend with lots of smiles and anger

From Lodi to Bahrain, a sports weekend with lots of smiles and anger

Applause for the successes of Amatori, Fanfulla and Sant’Angelo, but also of Jakobs and Ferraris, the neo is the racist episode against Paulinus of Robur and Fides

Kudos to Amatori, Fanfulla, Sant’Angelo, Sancolombano and Sporting Lodi. Rather, a thumbs up for the cultural backwardness that continues – and we are in 2022, huh – to make its way into the world of sport. The unfortunate episode took place on Saturday in Verolanuova, site of the match between hosts Brescia and Robur and Fides, the sixth day of the second phase of the Serie C basketball championship. The match was spoiled with one minute remaining because of a racist insult addressed to Joseph Paulinus by a member of the local team. To the damage was added the insult: the player also suffered a technical fault after the understandable instinctive reaction (ball thrown at the opponent guilty of the insult), in the indifference of the referees.
But let’s get to the good stuff. Starting with the umpteenth incredible test of Amatori, winner on Saturday evening of the “big match” with Forte dei Marmi. In a complete “PalaCastellotti” almost like the good old days, the Italian champions secured their ninth consecutive league victory and consolidated their second place in the standings. Excellent performance against the Tuscans led by the former captain of the Giallorossi Domenico Illuzzi: the final 5-4 is the epilogue of a magical evening for the inhabitants of Lodi. And on Wednesday, a direct clash with the Trissino leaders is scheduled.
Fanfulla fans are also celebrating. The bianconeri return to victory after five lean days: the 2-1 (goal from Greco and Austoni) on the ground of Sammauerese, resumption of the 20th day, brings the team of Emiliano Bonazzoli in a situation of classification decidedly calmer.
In the Championship of Excellence, on the contrary, Sant’Angelo and Sancolombano smile: the Rossoneri beat Luciano Manara 4-3 (a more peaceful victory than the result) and remain at -1 behind leaders Offanenghese, the hills beat Mariano 1 -0 and continue their search for salvation. Too bad for the false step of Codogno, beaten 2-1 on the ground of the Cisanese. In Promotion, the Milanese club returned to the top thanks to the rain of goals scored against Segrate (8-2 in the final) and the simultaneous draw between Soresinese and Cologno. Sunday three points also for Casale (2-1 on the field of La Spezia) and for Senna Gloria who confirmed themselves as “great killers” by winning 1-0 with Tribiano.
Under the net, a chiaroscuro weekend for our top teams. Tomolpack Marudo lost 3-1 to Reggio Emilia in the B2 Women’s Championship, while men’s side Vizzolo won 3-0 at Cremona in Serie C.
Instead, smiles only on the water polo front: Sporting Lodi get rid of Modena 8-3 and go to -1 behind leaders Padua.
The sports weekend also gives great successes on the international field in blue colors. After Italrugby’s “historic” victory against Wales in the “Six Nations”, Ferrari steals the show with a fantastic double: Charles Leclerc breaks a fast of success that has lasted since 2019, triumphing at the Bahrain GP ahead of his teammate Carlos Sainz. Marcell Jakobs asserts himself as the king of speed by winning world gold in the 60 meters. This week, it will be the turn of the national football team, called upon to snatch the pass for the World Cup in Qatar: we want to see the flag flying again.

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