From park to logo 2.0 Renewal effect Here is the purple strategy – Sport

by Angelo Giorgetti

Now that the team has an ambitious pace in the standings – an essential condition in football to be listened to, respected and a little feared – the rest also takes on more value. And the “rest” in this purple trot towards renewal (relations with Power, infrastructure and marketing, through the redesigned logo that many like, but not on the curve) is a lot of stuff.

In the meantime, the diplomatic canvas that the club has launched at all levels to capture the interest of sports institutions is gigantic without raising its voice (old strategy) but rather showing the results of its concrete commitment: guided visits to Viola Park, a unique structure in Italy and in competition with the most gifted sports centers in Europe.

And in no particular order from the Bagno a Ripoli construction site, everyone has passed, from the president of Coni Malagò, to that of the FIGC (Gravina), to the new head of the Football League (Casini), to the top manager of the women’s football team (Mantovani), then the local and regional elected officials, a representation of the supporters, the former alto, recently under-secretary for sports (Vezzali), the president of FIFA (Infantino) and even Lotito, who knows the mechanics of football, and how.

Infantino himself, who has seen something in the world of football and sports facilities since reaching the top (2016), yesterday defined Viola Park as “spectacular”: “I was impressed, it is a tremendous structure. there are few in the world like it. An investment like this is the right thing to do. It provides a perspective for the future that few have in our world today.”

An endorsement that amounts to a political leap of many categories for Fiorentina (yesterday on the official Fifa website the photo of Infantino with Barone was published), also running on the pitch to return to Europe. But this is another matter. It’s the corporate hyperactivity that continues to hit, as if the club is continually shaken by the urge to keep up with the times, sometimes trying to get ahead of it.

And here opens the chapter of the new Logo, which the company presented with the support of the Florentine Museum, explaining all the research carried out to respect tradition, taking into account the new needs of marketing.

“We don’t want to change our symbol for an economic calculation,” chief executive Barone said during the pitch meeting. What is certain is that the curve, a few days late, has taken a very tough stance to challenge the birth of a logo that does not respect tradition (while the Viola Club Coordination Center immediately sided with the club). The relationship with the curve – at the start and for two seasons perfectly aligned with new American ownership – is really another chapter.

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