from play to training to lose weight

If as a child you often played with the hula hoop because you had a lot of fun then I advise you to remove it if you have kept it, because it is really useful for training.

Girl using the hoop (Pexels)

I’hoopmore commonly known as “the circle”, it was a game that many of us loved to play when we were kids.
And we didn’t know that in addition to allowing us to play, it also helped us lose weight and stay in shape, but at that time, we didn’t care.

Now that we are adults, being in good physical shape has become one of our priorities, but it is not always easy to achieve. But maybe the push we need is the Amusing! And with the hoop, the result is guaranteed. So let’s see what benefits of this tool, which in addition to being a game can help us maintain good physical shape.

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How can you use the hula hoop for your daily workout

train while having fun
Girls practicing hoop (Pexels)

Used since ancient times to perform dances and exercises, the circle became famous thanks to hula Hawaiian, a Polynesian dance accompanied by hymns or songs, from which it takes its name. Despite its distant origins, the hula hoop has never gone out of style. Indeed, today it is used not only as a game by children, but also as a juggling tool and as a tool for losing weight.

Even if you would not think, in fact, thanks to the hoop we can tone and firm the abdominals, to burn calories and train certain muscles. But not only. The hoop also allows you to refine the waist and improve the coordination of movements. If it is then rotated not only around the waist but also involving the arms, thighs and hips, it allows us to train the whole body.

Speaking of calories, a hula hoop workout lasting 5-30 minutes a day burns up to 200 calories. Not bad is not it ? It is no coincidence that it is present in the list that we have compiled of sports that burn calories. It will also be for this reason that he has become a real mania among some celebrities, such as American actresses Liv Tyler and Zooey Deschanel, who haven’t stopped since they started using their hula hoops.

So if you no longer have your beloved hula hoop at home among the various childhood memories, then which one should you buy? There are many types also based on usage. The rim can be aluminum, plastic or rubber and can be used for tire training, yoga, pilates or cardio exercises. So my advice is to first understand what you want to use it for and then choose the model. You will see that there will be plenty to choose from!

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