From today, food and drinks return to cinemas and stadiums: this is what changes

The roadmap for easing restrictions, announced by Prime Minister Mario Draghi in recent days, is beginning to take shape. From April 1 (with the end of the state of emergency on March 31), it will be possible to eat out in bars and restaurants without having to show the reinforced green pass; in covered rooms, however, the green pass could remain in the “basic” version. Same regime – via the super green pass outdoors, more caution indoors – also for sports activities, fairs, parties and shows.

Popcorn and sodas are back in theaters

But the first stage begins on March 10 with the possibility of “consuming food and drink also in theaters, concerts, cinemas, entertainment and live music venues, in other similar places and in all venues where sporting events and competitions are taking place”. here on March 31, when the state of emergency will expire.

Visits to hospitals resume on March 10

Not only. After two years, again from March 10, it is possible to return to visit hospitalized relatives and friends. The authorized residence time will be at least 45 minutes per day. Anyone in possession of an enhanced Green Pass obtained after taking the third dose can enter the hospital. Access is also authorized for those who have completed the primary vaccination cycle (or who have recovered from Covid) for less than six months and who are therefore in possession of a super Green Pass. In this case, however, the visitor will also have to show the result of a sample (antigenic or molecular) taken less than 48 hours ago. Entry prohibited, therefore, to those who will only show a “basic” Green Pass, obtained with the cotton swab.

State of emergency ends March 31

The extension of the state of emergency expires on March 31, 2022. And it will not be extended. Therefore, the possibility of resorting to smart working with simplified methods will expire at the end of March, i.e. without individual agreement between the company and the individual employee and with electronic and mass notification to the Ministry of Labour. And the work of the commissioner structure headed by commissioner Figliuolo will cease and be replaced by a “mission unit” (in the Ministry of Health or in Palazzo Chigi), which will coordinate the tail of this vaccination campaign, with the purchase of vaccines and medicines, and the transfer to the Regions which will have effective management of vaccinations with centres, 35,000 pharmacists and 40,000 doctors.

Knots: from indoor mask to quarantine

As the situation improves, all security protocols will then be reformulated and phased out. The unknown of times remains. For the Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri, “the safety distance between us will be removed among the first things”. “Then we will think about removing the mask inside and, even before that, remodeling the isolations for asymptomatic positives.”

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