Gasperini after Atalanta Napoli: ‘No qualification for the Champions League? No dramas

The Goddess coach after the defeat against Napoli: “I liked the team, we restarted the game well because the 0-2 in the first half was undeserved. Then, to take the third on a counter- attack is good.” Lost train for fourth place? “The ranking is, there are teams that haven’t reached the Champions League for years, it’s not a problem if Atalanta don’t make it for a year.” Then the conditions of part of his team: “Zapata is healed, Djimsiti’s shoulder is out, I don’t think he will recover for Leipzig”

At Gewiss Stadium this year, things don’t seem to be going well for theAtalanta. This Sunday came a new defeat (the fifth in the league, since the start of the season), 1-3 against Naples, but gasperini he was, however, pleased with his team’s performance: “Atalanta had a great game”, he said during the post-match conference. “The guys did a great job of straightening out a game that ended unfairly 0-2 in the first half, managing to score the goal 1-2. Then it’s time to catch the third off guard, in a game like this and against a team like Napoli”. Eight points away, fourth place seems unstoppable, eight days from the end: “The ranking is the same,” said Gasp. “It doesn’t seem like the right year to go to the Champions Leaguebut we must not lose the measures: there are teams that have not qualified for the Champions League for years, it is not a problem that Atalanta will not do so next year”.

The ‘via Europa League’ remains open

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But if qualification for the Champions League through league placement now seems too difficult to obtain, the discussion remains open. thanks to the Europa League, whose final victory would still allow Atalanta to qualify for the highest European competition. Here is Gasperini’s comment on this subject: “An Italian team has not won the Europa League for twenty-three years (the last was Parma, season 1998/99, editor’s note): for us it is a great stimulusbut if we don’t manage to win, it won’t be a problem.” The next opponent, in the quarter-finals, will be the leipzig: “Thursday’s game in Germany will be important. In the round of 16 we eliminated Bayer Leverkusen, we hope to eliminate them too.”

“Zapata is cured”

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These are the words of Gasperini on Zapatacame back to the group called after the groin injury: “Duvan is cured, the important thing is that. He had been away for a long time, today I would have liked to have him play a little bit of the match, if only to get him used to the contrasts (but the Colombian didn’t come in, editor’s note). Anyway, he recovered and that’s why I took him to the bench. Now all that remains is to insert it.”

“I don’t think Djimsiti will recover for Leipzig. Demiral…”

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On the other hand, it is Gasperini’s least positive comment on the conditions of Djimsitiforced to change in the 63rd minute due to injury: “His shoulder is out and we had to replace it. I don’t think there will be Thursday. “As for the place Admiralabsent today: “He has a little problem, he came back with ailments. Let’s see if we can bring him back for the game against Leipzig. »


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