Gazzetta dello sport: Cyclone Beto

The Gazzetta dello Sport famous bomber Beto, but also Udinese: “Udinese was very worried about the defection of Gérard Deulofeu, on whom in this 2022 he based his attacking game. But it was enough to return to the old one, that’s that is to say, to refresh the duo Successful attack from Beto, who a few months ago in Rome gave Lazio a rumba in the first half, scoring them three goals in one half, to destroy Cagliari (5- 1) and ensure security which, for a team like this, is the minimum union. Physique, power, speed. Success (preferred to Pussetto) and Beto, with the help of a technical player like Pereyra, smashed the rossoblù defensive trio: Goldaniga, Lovato and Altare. Difficult to find less worse. Gabriele Cioffi proved and the Portuguese, who had not scored since January 9, rose to 11 with a hat-trick that allowed him to bring the ball back home and put it in a display case forever.Because those three goals make it so high.. an already high price. Give him g space them out and he’ll tell you who it is. Do you think Beto, in addition to three goals, also hit six dribbles, not a few. The Nigerian colleague only missed the goal but two assists are still worth it. But to reduce the five coupes to poor Cagliari to these three is an understatement. Udinese is a team that has built a strong home game (only one defeat in the second leg). Solid, structured, with five men in the middle who run, help each other and help each other, who can’t be let go. And Mazzarri (who apologized but didn’t want to answer any questions), short of men, but above all of ideas, allowed him to leave. Even after taking the lead thanks to a feat from Joao Pedro, who had missed the goal since January 23”.

To the bianconeri, he gives these bulletins:

CIOFFI 7 – Guess the shot of Success in front of Beto and sinks Cagliari between physicality and speed. And everyone is fighting.

BETO THE BEST 8 – Amazing. First Italian hat-trick, five shots, three goals, good numbers. Maybe without Deulofeu he plays better.

SILVESTRI 6.5 – Great thought on Dalbert, so he’s safe as always.

BECAO 7 – Sign fundamental equal, understand when to move on. One goal per year is enough. He loses 19 balls but recovers 9.

NUYTINCK 7 – What a comeback! Looks like he hasn’t been out for a long time. Great recovery on Joao. He reads everything well.

ZEEGELAAR 6.5 – Attentive behind and good at unhooking when needed. The Dutch also sometimes steals.

MOLINA 7 – Rating goes up. The goal makes Cioffi run wild. But it’s actually a masterpiece.

SOPPY 6 – Enter and run.

PEREYRA 7 – One of those characters where you see the champion. Cut, sew and cross to perfection. Shame about the yellow. Skip Venice.

WALACE 6.5 – The usual piston that governs in the middle and presses where it needs to, while taking the yellow.

JAJALO 6.5 – Enter and give impetus to the maneuver.

MAKENGO 6 – In the first half, he is wrong and the goal is born from his mistake. Then fix it.

ARSLAN 6 – Third bench in a row. He’s not going to like it. Then join the final party.

UDOGY 6 – He didn’t like the blue benches, but he starts again without overdoing it, with judgment.

SUCCESS 7 – Play football at your best, inhale, throw, assist.

PUSSET 6.5 – It is not easy to enter once the result is obtained. He does it with commitment and serves as the decisive pass for Beto’s set.

NESTOROVSKI 6 – He returns to the field and also has the opportunity for 6-1, but retires.

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