Gimbo and Barshim train together in Qatar – sport

by Michele Carletti

“A wonderful experience,” breathes Chiara, Gianmarco Tamberi’s fiancée. He responds from Doha where they arrived on Tuesday evening. An adventure that has just started at the “home” of his colleague, but above all a friend of Tamberi: Mutaz Essa Barshim. It is not a vacation, “but a kind of small gathering, since it is warm here, there is a good climate – continues Chiara -. Gianmarco is in full preparation for the outdoors (from April 8 to 13 he will go to meet Formia, editor’s note) and then we put everything together. He is training with Mutaz (Barshim, editor’s note), a good recovery”.

The Olympic high jump champion and Chiara spent Wednesday at the inauguration of a museum. “The trip to Qatar was all improvised. We decided to come to Doha just a few days ago. They invited Gianmarco for the inauguration of a sports museum that was inaugurated here called 3-2-1. It was inaugurated last night (Wednesday, editor’s note) and they particularly wanted Gianmarco and Mutaz to be present, because they wanted to “celebrate” the big event by sharing the Olympic gold. They showed us the whole visit to the museum, very beautiful”.

Inauguration of the Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum where all the medals from the history of the Olympic Games shine and of a friendly annex. “During dinner, they invited them onto the stage where they were celebrated for what they did in Tokyo and for the gesture of sharing the medal which marked the history of the sport a little.” The inauguration of the museum should have been only the first stage of an “intense” journey. “We’ll be here for about a week. They’re focused on training, but we’ll also have a series of events that get us organized that we can’t miss.” There was also a meeting with the Al Thani family, the sovereign family of the Emirate. “It was exciting to meet them. They are exquisite people, very nice, an honor to participate in such an event with people of this caliber.” Yesterday morning at 8.30 a.m. Tamberi’s first training “in a track all to myself – the social commentary of the Doric violist -. A little plyometrics and then we go to see the camel race. As a reward to the owner of the winning camel driver a fully gilded sword that delicately accompanies approximately one million euros in prize money.” Adding: “What an honor” to the post published by Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the State of Qatar who received Gimbo and Barshim on stage Wednesday at the Khalifa International Stadium. “It’s crazy to discover the cultures of other countries – continues Gimbo on social networks -. Especially if you feel particularly attached to this country. After this crazy first August, every time I set foot in Qatar, I feel a bit like being in a second home. .Besides my older brother lives here… Mutaz Barshim can we have gold (swords)? It’s crazy to see the enthusiasm, kindness and love with which they welcomed me to their land. Proud to be a part of the incredible history of this beautiful country.”

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