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The Rome E-Prix was not particularly lucky for Antonio Giovinazzi. On Saturday, the Martina Franca driver adopted a different strategy in the race, driving with a decidedly conservative pace to have an energetic advantage in the final in case the group was brought together by the safety car, which however did not enter the track. . The next day, a technical problem initially allowed Antonio to complete only one flying lap during free practice, while in qualifying the Dragon driver was unable to make his second attempt after passing the flag at checkerboard for a split second. In gara quindi, Giovinazzi ha adottato la stessa strategia del giorno precedente, che con l’ingresso della Safety Car nel finale avrebbe ripagato, guardando anche al doppio arrivo a punti dei piloti Nio, ma un altro guasto tecnico ha posto fine anzitempo alla corsa dell ‘Italian.

Apart from bad luck, the Apulian rider is having a lot of trouble adapting to the category, as he explained directly to “I expected a not very easy start to the season, also because in Valencia I only did two days of testing, then I went straight to the first race, with very few kilometers in the car. It’s another sport, I’m almost starting from zero, I couldn’t bring anything to this car from what I learned in my whole career., so I learn directly by turning. Now we’ve had two months off, certainly not ideal.” The difficulties encountered by Giovinazzi testify to the profound differences between Formula 1 and Formula E, which make it impossible to make comparisons on the value of the drivers entered in their respective championships. The Italian knows first-hand the level of drivers in the electric world championship, although he has proven his talent in the recent past in Formula 1, managing on several occasions to qualify the lowly Alfa Romeo in the top ten. Formula E is a championship that requires a high level of specialization, in particular due to the characteristics of the single-seaters, which are particularly heavy and have poor mechanical and aerodynamic grip, making control quite difficult: “I have always been used to stable cars over the past three years and getting into this car is a good change.

Antonio is having a particularly difficult time due to the difficulties encountered in Formula E, which follows the period experienced at the end of last season in Formula 1, when there was great uncertainty about his future. Giovinazzi then also commented on the importance of psychological well-being: “It’s a problem both in sport and in life, there are positive and negative moments. Overall I’m happy with the way I reacted in the final, I never lost my mind, I always stayed focused on my goals. Obviously it happens from time to time, but the important thing is to always think positively and understand what you can learn in these difficult times.” The Martina Franca driver indeed also demonstrates that he grasps the positive aspects of Formula E that are absent from Formula: I enjoy the fun of racing or overtaking on street circuits, which in other categories is very difficult. The races are more open and the winners are different. I like it all.” Several drivers entered in the Electric World Championship manage to reconcile the Formula E program with that of the World Endurance Championship. Faced with a hypothetical scenario of racing at Le Mans with the Ferrari Hypercar, Antonio replied, however, that he wanted to focus on the present: “Now I want to focus on Formula E and do well here because in all the categories I’ve raced in I’ve always done well and I want to do the same here too. It’s a challenge that I will take up this year, for the next one we will see”.

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