Goals and freshness: the hopes of Imolese – Sport

by Andrea Voria

In Reggio, despite a score close to becoming tennis given the 5-2 final, we saw a decent Imolese against an opponent who was out of reach to say the least. Reggiana dominated, legitimizing the large advantage they had above all in terms of scoring chances and only a great inaccuracy in the final phase prevented the score from rounding up.

Given these premises, it can be said that the Imola test was much more encouraging and much more positive than those shown in other situations, on all internals against Viterbese or those of Tuscany against Pontedera, Pistoiese and Grosseto .

In these cases, perhaps also thanks to the tactical configuration designed by Fontana, the Imolese seemed to give up in deployment and in attitude, dipping in the score and proving unable to carry the slightest offensive danger. The main cause of the collapse of results in February is not to be attributed to the defensive grip, but to a sterile attack which found only one goal in eight games, moreover from the penalty spot. The team, 1-1 up against Entella, scored at least one goal in the next three games, struggling two top-ranked teams (Gubbio seventh, Reggiana second) finding a draw during the match, then went ended in defeat.

The Città del Tricolore Imolese ended the first half only because of the magic of Zamparo and the goal spoiled by Contessa’s handball, while in the second half they went away 3-2. The best things were the high pressure phase, which in a few cases led the team to recover the ball in the Reggiana trocar, and the leg shown by some players, above all a Leonardo Benedetti who seems to have found himself after the goal against the Montevarchi. The mezzala played a role at the start of the year and can also be in the final, as well as an Alessandro Lombardi finally in the natural and not improvised role as a winger or second striker. Angeli, in defense as a full-back, guarantees more naturalness in the role than Cerretti and Lia does not make Liviero regret, while in midfield D’Alena’s ownership cannot be questioned. Romano, eclectic by taking on several roles, is certainly an atypical outsider, but capable of having his say.

There is a lot to improve, especially on some episodes in which the team has small power cuts, which cost at least a few goals against Reggiana. This is what Fontana will have to try to avoid more than anything else, because if there were a lot of spaces in Reggio Emilia, Sunday against Fermana the game will certainly be much more blocked. The newfound freshness of Imola, if combined with greater solidity, can be the weapon to face Fermana, an interior or exterior match.

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