Good food and bikes, flying for tourism: the challenges of Parma

Statistics tell us that “food” is one of the main sources that stimulate tourists. Research has revealed that before the pandemic, 43% of national presences and 57% of international presences were stimulated by the enogastronomic qualities of the territory. Good food was therefore a fundamental “spring” in the choice of holidays.
It follows that Parma, rightly considered the “Capital of Gastronomy”, is a fundamental stage for national tourism. It is no coincidence that the Federalberghi assembly opens today in the city.
I’m sure those stats I was referring to will most likely be confirmed this year. All the conditions are in place for the 2022 season to repeat the positive performance of that of 2019. And food and wine will be the main driver for the tourism industry to help achieve the goal. Hence the importance and role of Parma as an actor of growth. Knowledge of the territory, in fact, becomes the wealth of the territory itself. Wine and food tourism contributes 12 billion to the national wealth. For numbers lovers, something like 0.8% of GDP.

It represents 15% of the total turnover of the tourism industry.
However, since becoming Minister of Tourism, I have seen with my own eyes how our tourism industry has lived “on income” for many, many years. The tourism market is extremely competitive. We are the most clicked country in the world in January and in December we are in fifth place for visits. This means that other countries, less fortunate than us, are eroding our market share.
As a government we intervene on all the keys of the keyboard of the offer to climb in the classifications. And a fundamental role is played by local administrations. But you need ideas.
For example, as the Ministry of Tourism, we promote iconic museums. That of Wine will soon land in Verona. And on the other hand another will be born in Naples for Pizza. In Parma, you were the forerunners of this initiative because you already have a network of eight food museums throughout the province. But it needs to be better known throughout the national territory and abroad.
Still. In Parma, the bicycle is the main means of transport in the city. Cycle tourism is one of the ever growing sectors of the tourism industry. In Italy, it now guarantees a turnover of 5 billion. In Germany 20 billion. If only we reached the German level, the national GDP would increase by one point.
And the challenge of German records can begin in Parma. You have everything you need, because I am deeply convinced that tourism development is a fundamental springboard for the economic growth of a territory. And Parma has all the qualities required to emerge. It has an extraordinary advantage, that of “food”.

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