Gossolengo Library, cycle of meetings on the theme “Food between culture and identity”

At the Municipal Library “Paolo Boiardi” in Gossolengo, starting Friday, April 22, there will be a series of face-to-face meetings focused on the multiple links between food, culture and identity. The event strongly desired by the municipal administration of Gossolengo, designed and organized in collaboration with Educarte soc. cooperative. and sponsored by the Emilia-Romagna Region, it intends to explore the wide world of nutrition and the many social and relational implications linked to the universe that revolves around the word food. In fact, there are many intrinsic meanings to the act of eating, not only from a biological point of view, but also from an ethical and psychological point of view. The theme of food and nutrition will be explored from different angles and perspectives involving expert figures from different sectors: nutritionists, doctors, food historians, art experts. The project has also paid attention to the world of the little ones: in fact, an unusual and fun cake-making workshop is scheduled for the afternoon of May 20, during which the young participants will turn into expert pastry chefs.

The calendar of appointments is really rich and interesting: here we go Friday, April 22 at 8:45 p.m. with a meeting with two voices entitled “Food between rituals and myths. Eating in Plaisance in the 12th-15th centuries, from the fires of the Middle Ages to the stoves of the Renaissance” which will have as speakers the Director of the State Archives of Piacenza Anna Riva and Professor Stefano Quagliaroli, professor at the Liceo Respighi. A valuable opportunity to trace our cultural and food roots and understand how our taste was formed through the analysis of sources, including expense lists, agricultural contracts, chronicles and miniatures of the time, discovering as well as what we cooked and how we cooked in Plaisance from the 14th to the 16th centuries.

As Mayor Andrea Balestrieri points out, this initiative represents a strong signal of a restart in which culture, understood in all its forms, has a fundamental and central role. “Talking about food – says the mayor of Gossolengo – allows us to explore many areas of knowledge, from art to history, from psychology to medicine; not by chance, and we are proud of it, the initiative also obtained the patronage of our Region”. Even the cultural advisor Sabrina Inzani says she is very satisfied with the calendar of meetings and underlines the fact that they will take place in the presence of the Library, a place very popular with the inhabitants of Gossolengo.

The other meetings will follow in the following weeks: “Culture with Taste: The Representation of Food in Art” will take place friday april 29 with art historian Cinzia Cassinari; May 6 it will be the turn of the director of Confagricoltura Piacenza Marco Casagrande with “The origin of food: territory, climate and production” during Thursday May 12 Massimo Rossetti, Director of Child Neuropsychiatry and Jessica Rolla, Nutritionist at Guglielmo da Saliceto Hospital in Piacenza, will talk about “Food education: how to recognize eating disorders”. At the end of the calendar, the intervention of the art historian Valeria Deplami “Eating with your eyes: from pop art to food design”.

To participate in the meetings, you will have to book by calling or sending an email to the library.

Info and reservations:

Gossolengo Municipal Library

Via XXV April 4 – Gossolengo (Pc)

Tel.0523 77 0136

Email library@comune.gossolengo.pc.it


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