Gran Fondo Leopardiana, the charge of the 20th century – Sport

by Umberto Martinelli

The 24th Gran Fondo Leopardiana – Dipa brings the cycling of big numbers back to Recanati. The expected and positive verdict distinguishes the entire duration of the event, from the smiling departure in the central Piazza Leopardi to the farewell during the silver wedding anniversary edition. To give the double date to 2023 is the driving trio: director Agostino Nina (president of Ciclo Club Recanati), Sonia Roscioli (coordinator of Granfondo Marche), Maurizio Giustozzi (coordinator of Acsi Marche). In the city of poetry there are about nine hundred registered for the event, which develops and takes place on the double track in suggestive ups and downs and in the sense of cultural sports tourism. The victories were won by Romagna Luca Fantozzi of the H3O Race Team (137 km marathon) and Umbrian Mattia Bucci of Bikeland Team Bike 2003 (94 km marathon). Reginette Debora Morri (Captain’s Team) and Cinzia Maraldi (Faenza Factory Team) graduated. The Marche Granfondo circuit best interprets its opening, reaffirming the beauty of the entire seasonal route from the Adriatic to the Sibillini with a gaze fixed on the Infinite. At the same time, the inauguration of the Nalini Road Series national challenge is also a winner. The Chronicle. It starts with the Mediofondo. Quick Start. Bucci soon forces, followed by Marco Pazzini (Frecce Rosse Rimini). They finish in the sprint in order, after the fair share of the expensive weight of the breakaway; third place for Samuel Perini (Dt Racing Team). On the pink podium, alongside Cinzia Maraldi, Valentina Marrone (Vibrata Bike) and Lavinia Palazzo (Dt Racing) climb. The Granfondo arrives after about fifteen kilometers. Four escape and find an immediate agreement: Fantozzi, Borrelli, Stagni, Ivan Martinelli. Again, everything is postponed to the final. Borrelli animates it at a thousand meters. Fantozzi and Martinelli of Abruzzo respond, to win gold and silver respectively. The winner (third in 2021) is radiant: “I finally managed to win this magnificent event. I congratulate the organization for the extraordinary course and the safety”. Among the Amazons, it’s always time for Romagna, Debora Morri: “It was a very fast race. I am happy with this first success of the season”. Alessandra Carlini (Team Battistini – Amici della Bici) and Federica Figliola (Vibrata Bike) accompany him on the stage of the rich awards ceremony. Agostino Nina: “We have achieved the goal. I thank the municipality for the support and presence, first of all the mayor Antonio Bravi, the councilors Soccio and Scorcelli. I want to highlight the contribution of the entire municipal administration, the offices and the police. I also thank the regional councilor Elena Leonardi. Last year the collaboration with the company Dipa personalized clothing began: Paolo Dionigi immediately shared our project, helping us to grow further with passion and availability. Thank you to Acsi cycling and local structures, which support us”.

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