“Great sporting afternoon spoiled by an episode”

FERMIGNANO. As expected, the penalty between Osimana and Fermignanese (Promotion A), first granted and then not kicked out, sparked considerable curiosity among athletes. This morning the Official Statement of Osimana which exposes its point of view, also with a video. To clarify, we wanted to hear the voice of the Fermignanais, through the mouth of Gabrielle DiLorenzi (Photo) Vice President and General Manager of the company.

So director, what happened last Saturday?
“I would like to point out that it was a great day of sport, in front of the public for special occasions. The welcome we received was of absolute elegance and I would like to emphasize that everyone behaved more than sportingly. The two organized supporters who cheered on their respective teams throughout the match were magnificent”.

What troubled that day?
“An episode, I say it sincerely and without rhetoric, which I had never witnessed. I spent more than 40 years of my life on the football pitch, first as a footballer, then as a referee and for more than 20 years as a manager, but I don’t think I should take a penalty with the ball placed on the spot, on an amateur level that has never happened”.

You announced an appeal.
“Yes, I think that the appeal is inevitable and that it will continue: the competent authorities will deal with it, but that is not what I want to emphasize now”.

So tell us your position.
“The episode was in my opinion very serious and will be evaluated, but I want to highlight the main points. We saw a great game between two excellent teams. Osimana is phenomenal and is probably worth much more than the Promotion, but our team has also gave a great performance, responding blow for blow. In the end, the applause of the whole public at the exit of the field, I think that is the most important aspect of a great sporting afternoon”.

Were there no nervous moments during the race?
“Absolutely not. Everything went well, not least thanks to the exemplary behavior of the boys on the pitch. Everyone gave a great performance and, rightly, they wasted no time in useless chatter and polemics” .

There remains this episode which ended up weighing decisively.
“In the middle of the first half, at 0-0 and on the numerical superiority, being able to take a penalty, probably, could have oriented the game in another way, but we will never have a counter-test. Obviously, Osimana is so strong that he could have won anyway, but as I said, we will never know.

Did you clarify with the referee and the home team after the game?
“I think there was little to say and that the images, which we also have, speak clearly, we will see if they are taken into consideration. As far as we are concerned, we correctly warned the referees and the Osimana team that we would appeal. In my opinion, an inevitable decision, it affects the credibility of the game of football. The manager will make decisions that we will respect, but it was absolutely necessary that the fact be brought to light.”

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