Green pass and entries: what will change for sport and football from April 1

The The Figc has reworked the Protocolupdated based on the directives of the decree-law of March 24, 2022, the opinion of the Department of Sports specifies certain rules and behaviors which will change from April 1.opinion published on March 25 by the Sports Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministerssome important details and clarifications about engage in sporting activities andaccess to facilities in the period to be covered from April 1 to April 30.

There are basically two new features:

for carrying out the outdoor activity, no type of certification will be required, but without being able to access the changing rooms and take a shower, also for boys and girls over 12 years old (the obligation of the Valued Green Pass remains for indoor activities).

with regard to the use of changing rooms and showers, the obligation of the Pass Vert Valorisé remains however for boys and girls over 12 years of age.

the limitations of the number of possible accesses to the sports facilities fall, where, always outside, it is also accessible with the basic Green Pass (for children over 12), However, it is still the obligation of Ffp2 masks to be worn compulsorily.

Finally, the regulation of ‘Return to game’, as well as Circular from the General Directorate for Health Prevention of the Ministry of Health.

The text of the opinion of March 25 from the Sports Department

With the publication of the Legislative Decree of March 24, 2022, n. 24, “Urgent arrangements to overcome the measures to combat the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, following the cessation of the state of emergency” the phasing out of provisions related to the COVID-19 emergency has been ordered.

The main provisions contained in the decree-law, valid from April 1 to April 30, 2022, are:

based on the provisions of art. 6, for public access to sporting events and competitions is requiredin addition to the obligation to wear FFP2 respiratory protection both outdoors and indoors:

  • possession of one of the COVID-19 green certifications for vaccination, cure or screening (so-called green pass base) for sporting events and competitions that take place outdoors;
  • possession of one of the COVID-19 Green Certifications for vaccination or recovery (known as the reinforced green pass) for sporting events and competitions that take place indoors;

based on the provisions of art. 7, possession of one of the COVID-19 Green Vaccination or Recovery Certifications (known as the Reinforced Green Pass) is required for access to:

  • swimming pools, swimming centers, gymnasiums, team and contact sports, wellness centers, even within accommodation establishments, for activities that take place indoors;
  • spaces used as changing rooms and showers, excluding the certification requirement for companions who are not independent due to their age or disability.

In addition, the state of emergency for COVID-19 is not extended, the color classification of risk areas is removed, and capacity limitations for sporting events and competitions are removed.

Persons under the age of twelve and those exempted from the vaccination campaign on the basis of an appropriate medical certificate issued according to the criteria defined in a circular from the Ministry of Health are excluded from the obligation of reinforced green certification.

For workers and subjects subject to the vaccination obligation, the legislation does not provide for any changes.

The owners or managers of sports facilities are required to check that access to services and activities is carried out in compliance with the provisions enacted.

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