Green pass yes or no, sport in doubt In the evening the government unties the knots

by Iacopo Nathan

After more than two years of Covid emergency, today is the first day of the end of the state of emergency. A series of new rules are coming that begin to widen the mesh of the restrictions of the last few months to look to the future with more security and tranquility, in the hope of finally ending the nightmare.

Above all, the Green pass is beginning to fade, which will no longer be used to take coffee at the bar counter, to sit outside in clubs or to enter shops, while it remains valid for restaurants outside. interior, with the difference that the basic certification and no longer reinforced.

“The general situation is certainly not the best, given that after the pandemic the war also arrived – says Andrea Angelini, owner of the Boccanegra restaurant -. Fortunately, at this time we can look at the Covid emergency d ‘a different way, and seeing the end of the state of emergency is certainly very positive. It won’t be a quick process, but we can start to get our lives back together.”

From today it will also be possible to return to the hotel without having to show the green card at the entrance. “It is certainly a help – explains Giancarlo Carniani, owner of Plaza Lucchesi -. It can also be an additional invitation for people to move, for tourists to come to Florence. Of course, it will take time, a lot will still be tied to the old rules, especially in the beginning”.

“Surely for all of us traders it will be better – adds Marta Marczak, of Marta Ray -. We hope that this can attract more people and help tourists to return as well”.

Things are changing for the sports world too, as stadiums and arenas return to 100% capacity, although enhanced certification is still required indoors. “Having the possibility of embracing families again makes us happy – says Luca Giotti – general manager of Affrico -. It was what we had been waiting for for a long time. We are beginning to see the end of two terrible years and to be able to reopen our stands to the fans and families is really very important”.

While many were eager to put the green pass behind them, at least for everyday situations, many believe the decision to insert the new rules was hasty. “I have to say I’m happy – says his Marcus Aurelius -. Seeing the loose rules is good for everyone, starting with the economy. I’m also happy because I’ve respected everything we’ve been told. said to do, and it was time for a little freedom”. “I am in favor of the decision to relax the restrictions – adds Simona Nanni -. Of course, everything depends on people’s awareness and the attention that we will all pay, but it was right to take a step forward after two terrible years”.

Ciro Beato doesn’t think so at all: “I am against the decision to end the state of emergency. For me, it is a wrong and hasty decision. Infections are increasing again, the emergency exists and how . People are convinced that it’s all over, but it’s not like that.” “I think it’s a bit rushed – adds Maurizio Pieri -. There are still a lot of positives, they weren’t so strict, we could have waited a little longer and seen the next developments.”

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