Greenpass and sport from April 1st. All rules

The Italian Sports Center of Arezzo is trying to clarify given the decree that removes a series of prescriptions related to the Covid-19 pandemic emergency. The rules have also been redesigned for athletes and enthusiasts. Here are some questions and answers about the rules in effect since April 1.

The provisions, valid from April 1 to April 30, affecting the world of sport concern the obligation to wear Ffp2 type masks both outdoors and indoors; possession of the basic green pass for sporting events and competitions that take place outdoors; possession of the reinforced green pass for sporting events and competitions that take place indoors. The compulsory reinforced green pass to access: swimming pools, swimming centers, sports halls, team and contact sports, well-being centers, even within accommodation establishments, for the activities that take place inside ; spaces used as changing rooms and showers (with the exception of non-autonomous companions due to their age or disability).

Will a direct debit be enough to watch a football match from April 1?

Yes, because with regard to Green Certifications, from April 1 and until April 30, the basic Green Pass is mandatory, that is, the one that can be obtained with a stamp, to attend the sporting events and competitions that take place outdoors.

And see a basketball game at the sports hall?

If the matches, competitions or meetings take place indoors, in gymnasiums and sports halls, the Super Green Pass will still be required, i.e. the vaccine or recovery pass.

How many supporters will be able to come to the stadium?

The number depends on the size of the facilities which, still from April 1, will again be able to fill to full capacity because with the end of the state of emergency the restrictions on the maximum number of fans present are removed.

Will the mask still be compulsory?

Yes, to attend sports events and competitions both outdoors and indoors, wearing a mask is compulsory and must be of the Ffp2 type.

What are the rules for those who practice outdoor sports?

Outdoors, the Green Pass is compulsory from April 1st, so training will be free.

What about indoor sports?

As for swimming pools, swimming centers, gymnasiums, team and contact sports that take place indoors, athletes and players will always have to show the Super Pass.

Will the Green Pass for showers and changing rooms be required?

Yes, the rules are the same now. And therefore the Green Certificate of vaccine or healing (reinforced) will also be necessary to access the showers and changing rooms. Only those accompanying children and people with disabilities are excluded from the Pass obligation: parents, uncles, older brothers or sisters, baby-sitters, caregivers, caregivers.

Do children have to have the Green Pass to play sports? And to go to the stadium?

No. Children under 12 are not required to present the Green Pass. Persons exempted from the vaccination campaign for health reasons are also excluded, but they must have a valid medical certificate.

Will there be penalties for entering the gym without a pass?

Yes, as is also currently the case, owners or managers of sports facilities are required to verify that access to services and activities is in accordance with the provisions laid down. Those who do not have the Green Pass risk a fine of between 400 and 1,000 euros. And sanctions are also triggered for omissions in controls.


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