Greetings, suspended tours are coming to Nuoro

The base of the solidarity bank opens in town, at the headquarters of the SVS, which donates clinical tests to those who cannot pay for them

NUORO. Just like the famous “suspended coffee”, or the cup of steaming drink paid for in advance and left as a gift for those in need: the suspended medical examinations are coming to the town of Nuoro. In fact, the adventure of the Visitors’ Bank is ready to take off also in the capital of Barbagia, and will be able to begin thanks to the contribution of the Service Center Svs Viaggi per la salute which will offer its headquarters as a territorial base for the new initiative . As explained by the managers of the Bank – which is a foundation – and the head of the SVS association, Renato Pischedda, the idea behind everything is to apply the tradition of the “suspended coffee”, launched by Naples and then disseminated and expressed in various ways. in the rest of the world, including in the health sector, where the needs and demands of people are increasingly greater, while the possibilities of access to public and free health services are fewer and fewer . “What if instead of coffee, visits and medical services were given to the most needy? – the members of Svs travel for health ask – From this happy intuition was born in 2017 the solidarity project La Banca delle Visite, which in the space of a few years has already donated hundreds of specialized tours throughout Italy. Helping those who cannot wait for the public health service or afford a paid medical visit: these are the objectives of the “Banca delle Visite”: a solidarity circuit in which the generosity of companies and individuals takes the form of donations that the Bank of Visits transforms into medical services for people in difficulty who need immediate medical attention”.

But the whole solidarity circuit, it seems, can already count on the support of various local supporters who will contribute to the project in different forms. Starting with the people, renamed “Point Amici” which will become a kind of promoter. They will be, as the SVS association explains, “people and local realities who voluntarily talk about the project and work to create initiatives and useful links, so that all together we can act in a perspective of mutual aid to protect the right to health”. To support the Bank of Visits, you can make a free donation or you can directly choose a specialized visit to donate via the Bank’s website or its social page. “Bank of visits – explain the promoters – keeps the donations and immediately sets in motion to organize the necessary medical examination in the shortest possible time”. Or, both those who need a free visit, and therefore a donation, and those who want to donate, can go directly to the Svs Travel Health Service Center, via Longo.

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