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REGGIANA (3-5-2): Venturi; Cremonesi, Rozzio (37′ St Luciani), Cauz; Libutti, Rossi, Cigarini, Sciaudone (21’st Rosafio), Contessa; Lanini (34′ D’Angelo), Zamparo (37′ Scappini). Available: Voltolini, Marconi, Camigliano, Neglia, Radrezza, Del Pinto, Porcino, Guglielmotti. Diana of the herds.

VIRTUS ENTELLA (4-3-1-2): Borra; Cleur, Sadiki, Chiosa, Pavic; Karic, Paolucci (25′ st Rada), Palmieri (33′ st Meazzi); Schenetti (39′ from Lescano); Magrassi (33′ St Capello), Merkaj. Available: Siaulys, Barlocco, Dessena, Lipani, Pellizzer, Silvestre, Gningue. Volpe herds.

Referee: Perenzoni from Rovereto. (Niedda di Ozieri – Cortese di Palermo; Fourth man Zago di Conegliano.

Scorers: st 28′ Rosafio

Notes: 4,574 spectators for a collection of 39,853 euros. : Ammoniti Cauz (R), Chiosa and Karic (E); Corners: 5-4 for Reggiana; Recovery: pt 0′, st 4′.

by Matteo Genovesi

Game over? Absolutely not. The eternal tete-a-tete between Modena and Reggiana continues until the last day. Thanks to abnormal football on Thursday evening, where the grenades prevailed against the difficult impact Entella and Modena 1-1 in a comeback from the penalty spot at Gubbio. Canaries plus 2 and logically favorites, but that in ‘Braglia’ against Pontedera, if Reggiana were to make full spoils at Teramo, they would be forced to win given the net plus 4 in the goal difference item in favor of Zamparo and his teammates.

The game. As expected, after the disqualification, Rozzio (out of Luciani, confirmed Cremonesi) and Cigarini (Rossi on the right, Radrezza out) are back in the XI, the only two novelties compared to Fermo’s victory, Libutti still preferring Guglielmotti to right ; longtime resident Del Pinto is seen on the bench. With one eye on the pitch and one on the cellphone for updates from Gubbio, the Granada crowd trembles after a few moments to Schenetti’s right a little wide. Very high pace, front turns and balance. Entella (moreover beaten with difficulty in the first leg with a flash of Zamparo), fourth force of the championship and promotion ambitions reduced only by the stratospheric performances of Modena and Reggiana, is a square and physical team, but Cigarini and his teammates conquer , over the minutes, meters and conviction. The golden opportunity is for Libutti who squanders his left with the door almost wide open. Without goals, but in decisive and comforting progress, Reggiana joins the locker room, when from Gubbio the advantage of the hosts of Redolfi restores hope and prospects. Back on the pitch, the crowd charged Diana’s XI with a roar. Paolucci and Karic confirm the ambitions of the guests, but from there the pomegranate actions sank. The extreme Borra pushes back with an open hand on Lanini’s head, then tows Sciaudone face to face. The time of Rosafio (for Sciaudone) and the former Cittadella in seven minutes with a left in the box (sixth goal) launches the liberating cry of the “Città del Tricolore”. The last act will take place on Saturday, April 23.

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