Gubbio-Modena 1-1, trip to the canaries – sport – football

Gubbio, April 14, 2022 – With an intense performance in terms of pace, content and quality, the Gubbio scares Modena by forcing it into a draw and postponing the festivities for the rise to Serie B. He bitterly chews the eleven at home, confirmed great killers, not only because he reached the final on a penalty quite generous, granted for a contact to Giovannini. -Bonini surfaces, also expelled in the circumstances, but above all because he constantly led the game, absorbing the numerical inferiority in the last quarter of an hour.

A solid defense, an extraordinarily flexible midfield with Bulevardi, Di Noia and Cittadino, the attack, illuminated by a good Arena, but still too often mistreated, worked a lot, built a lot, too badly in the offensive phase. Modena was little seen. Perhaps influenced by the importance of the result, he almost immediately lost that serenity that did not allow him to read the game as he should have and found himself entangled in the web of the hosts, able to discolor and widen the shirts as you go. needed. The rossoblùs start well.

At 22′ fallaccio on Arena, at 23′ Di Noia strikes from the edge on which Ponsi immolates, at 28′ Mangni concludes from an excellent position, at 43′ it is Gerli who touches the post on the right from Ghidotti, at number 44′ from Arena which releases Bulevrdi on the shot from which Gagno deflects for a corner. From the small flag Ciittadino found Redolfi ready for the winning deflection. In the second half, Modena tried in the substitutions to come out of the corner, but suffered the initiative of Gubbio who at 8′, 22′, 38′ had the ball from 2.0 with Mangni, D’Amico and Arena. Cold shower in the 39th minute with the referee sanctioning a penalty and the red to the defender in contact in the Bonini-Giovannini area. Ogunseye transforms on the spot. A draw that does not reflect the course of the race.

GUBBIO (4-3-3) Ghidotti; Formiconi, Redolfi, Bonini, Righetti; Bulevardi, citizen, from boredom; Arena (st 37′ Tazzer), Spalluto (st 34′ Sarao), Mangni (st 15′ D’Amico). All Torrente A available. Meneghetti, Sergiacomi, Lamanna, Francofonte, D’Angelo, Fantacci.

MODENA (4-3-2-1) Gagno; Ciofani (st 1 ‘Mosti), Silvestri, Pergreffi, Ponsi; Magnino, Gerli, Armellino (st 33′ Giovannini); Tremolada (st 14′ Ogunseya), Minesso (st 1’ Longo); Azzi. Herds Strukelj (Tesser disqualified). Available: Narciso, Renzetti, Oukhadda, Duca, Di Paola, Piacentini, Baroni.

Arbitrator: Gualtieri d’Asti (Miniutti – Politi); IV male Pascarella de Nocera Inferiore

Markers:pt 45 ‘Redolfi; st 37’ Ogunseye (rigging)

To note: st 36′ Bonini sent off; yellow cards: Bulevardi, Redolfi, Mangni, Scarsella; corner kicks 4-6; spectators 2,229 (1,166) raised €21,770.


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