“Guys, we are strong: let’s get the trophy” – Sport – Other Sports

by Damiano Reverberi

Second trophy of the season in Conad’s sights, again called upon to take up the challenge in the opposing camp.

After triumphing in the Serie A2 Italian Cup, with three away victories, the last of which was in Cuneo, the Giallorossi team plays at 6 p.m. in Bergamo (live TV on the 204 Sky Sport Arena channel) against the Agnelli Tipiesse hosts, regular season winners and trophy holders. A race that also has a symbolic value, given that it is the return of big volleyball in the city which symbolizes the fight against the Covid (Agnelli usually plays at Cisano Bergamasco) and which will allow 100% of the spectators to be welcomed compared to to capacity.

Conad here. Coach Mastrangelo spoke at home in Reggio Emilia: “At the start of the season nobody expected to be here, playing a Super Cup, so it’s clear that today we start like underdogs, at the same time we have certainly earned the respect of everyone, including those who have built teams to stay at the top of the table.Bergamo has the favor of prediction, also because it is a solid formation, which by compared to last season only two players have changed, one of which, Padura Diaz came directly from the promotion of Taranto last year, throughout the championship they proved to be the strongest and that continues also sees in the leaderboard, which sees them very first with many points ahead of second place considerations, however, it also shows how strong we are as a team, having succeeded in the last three challenges to play point by point each time and winning equal lies a victory”.

Central Simone Scopelliti also talks about the match: “We have been waiting for this match for almost two months, since we have managed to raise the Italian Cup to the sky. We find an opponent who has a very high level of play and certainly did not win the regular season by chance; us, on the other hand, we have always shown that we can play it with everyone, from this match, we expect nothing more than a battle that we can play on equal terms, lining up everything we have in our bodies”. This year, the two regular season matches went to Bergamo, who won 3-1 each time (last Sunday); in the Cup, the sextet of Reggio smiled, capable of breaking the opposing ground in the tie-break.

Here Bergamo. Coach Gianluca Graziosi is not unbalanced: “We had a 2-1 lead the previous season, but in the 3 matches each of the two contenders always fought on every ball. I think the chances are 50 and 50, we prepared the game with great care, aware that humility and patience will be needed”. Among the former, besides Garnica on the Reggio side, stands out Padura Diaz, an expert Italian-Cuban opponent who began his Italian career in Reggio.

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