Halfway between Florence and Rome, we find two medieval villages that will kidnap us with their art and their unmissable gastronomy

Italy is a fabulous place 365 days a year, but most of the country is probably at its best with the spring sunshine. Temperatures rise, leaving the bad winter weather behind, but at the same time you don’t get the sweltering summer weather. In short, it’s the perfect time to make a nice trip.

Today we are talking in particular about central Italy and we will come across two sensational destinations halfway between Florence and Rome. These are two medieval villages that will seduce us with the quality of their art and, of course, with their gastronomic delights.

The villages that will leave us speechless

The first village we want to talk about is Montepulciano, which is located in Tuscany, about an hour and a half from Florence. Wine lovers are familiar with this name, because Montepulciano is just a variety of wine. We therefore understand that one of the fundamental stops of a trip to this region is in a vineyard, to have a good tasting. The Montepulciano is therefore perfect with pappardelle with hare sauce or with spleen crostini.

Between one meal and another, there is also a lot to visit. Montepulciano is surrounded by three city walls, which were built in different historical periods. Outside the beautiful walls we can see the Church of Sant’Agnese and then enter the historic center through the Porta di Gracciano, diving into the history of this place.

Montepulciano is rich in areas that testify to its Renaissance grandeur and also offers curious glimpses. For example, we recommend going to see the Clock Tower, dominated by the Pulcinella mask that marks the hours in the city.

Halfway between Florence and Rome, we find two medieval villages that will kidnap us with their art and their unmissable gastronomy

A little closer to Rome, about an hour and a half away, we find Orvieto, a fantastic Umbrian village that will kidnap us. It looks imposing, perched on a rocky cliff overlooking the surrounding environment. Then, once entering the city, we can be amazed by the Gothic Cathedral, the Chapel of San Brizio and the well of San Patrizio.

All these places of interest are Renaissance and represent the grandeur of Orvieto at that time. A truly unmissable village, which offers excellent cuisine, among other things: we particularly recommend the ‘mbriaca hen, cooked in red wine, for an incomparable second course.


This magical place seems straight out of Hollywood movies, it’s perfect for a weekend getaway or an excursion in the name of good food and is located right in the center of Italy

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