“He spent every day asking for food, money and a car”

SUSEGANA – “He came to see me almost every day, at dawn. He stole food, clothes. He demanded money: if I didn’t give it to him, he threatened me, pushed me around. He also demanded the car. And I couldn’t defend myself: he’s 27, I’m 78: he’s stronger and more agile than me”. Now that his executioner is behind bars, Lino Cantieri, 78, breathes a sigh of relief. “I won’t find him in the house all of a sudden. I’ve been hoping for a long time “- comments the elderly man, a former Electrolux worker, who lives alone in via Colombo, in Ponte della Priula. And he gets around on a bicycle: a black and yellow mountain bike. “By force! This boy smashed my car by hitting a lamppost one rainy day. »

Lino is one of two elderly people robbed by Youssef Msatfi, the 27-year-old Moroccan arrested yesterday by the Carabinieri of Conegliano and currently imprisoned in Treviso on remand for aggravated home burglary, theft and injuries. Three episodes in a month and a half, including two to the detriment of the pensioner, who have failed for some time. If on the one hand the robberies of April 23 and May 5 are the two most serious facts, on the other the old man had to face the claims of the young man almost daily. “I trusted him: we were friends, at first he asked me for help. Then things got worse: he came to see me almost every day, often pushing me onto the sofa. He was looking for money – said the unfortunate – by rummaging through drawers, pockets and jackets. Once, he slipped 50 euros from my shirt pocket. He tossed them in the air arrogantly, then put them in his pocket. He would also take biscuits or other things to eat”. That the young man from the HLMs was a bit of a wanderer, the old man understood. “He was involved in a drug network: when I found out, I wanted to cut ties. And for a while he didn’t show up. But the 67-year-old had no idea their relationship would take a turn for the worse. Not to what extent. More than once the neighbors come running when they hear the Moroccan make a loud voice: “I often chased him away: I was sorry to see that he was taking advantage of a defenseless old man. But he came back in time. Among the requests there was also the car. “If he didn’t let him, he would kick the bodywork” – the neighbor continues. “He used it more than once to hang out with his friends. He wanted to drive and I had to accompany him “- adds the unfortunate. During one of these “forced trips”, the 27-year-old allegedly lost control of the car, hitting a pole on the side of the road. “We were in the province of Venice, I don’t know where – said the old man, his brow contracted in an effort to remember a few details -. I remember that it was raining and we left the road. escaped on foot along the train tracks to avoid the carabinieri. Fortunately, we were not injured. But the car had to be thrown away: in fact now I’m riding with this one ”- says Lino sadly, pointing to the bike .


After months of searches in his house, the young man cleaning out his pockets and his pantry, the pensioner realized that the measure was full. And he asked the carabinieri for help. Youssef was not a new face for the military, quite the contrary: the young man had a small police past behind him, in particular for thefts. He had never gone so far as to rob helpless elderly people from their homes. When the carabinieri showed him pictures of foreigners already under surveillance, Lino had no doubts: he immediately recognized his executioner. “’Is that in prexon? Ghe is fine!” – exclaims the pensioner, very impressed, like everyone in the Marca, by the tragic end of Adriano Armelin, the 83-year-old man from Pieve di Soligo massacred at his home by a drunken Moroccan who hoped to get money and food.In addition, Adriano was originally from Ponte della Priula, where one of his sons still lives, a few hundred meters from Lino’s house. a mirror of disturbing analogies.


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