Health: alarm for people locked up at home, expert ‘psychologist at home necessary’

Rome, March 24 (Adnkronos Salute) () – “We see more and more often people, often young people, who tend to lock themselves up in their homes, even in their rooms: they cut ties with the world, with sociality, they refuse to enter the world, from which they in turn feel rejected. In these cases, home intervention is often the only way to offer listening and help.” This is what Fabio Tognassi, psychologist, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, member of the Jonas Onlus Milano team and clinical manager of Psychological Home Assistance (APD) works in Milan and its province. The closure to sociality, which is accentuated due to the isolation imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, “is a new symptom of our time”, continues Tognassi. and professionals of Jonas for adults, Telemaco for adolescents and Gianburrasca for children, coordinated by Francesca D’Oronzio in a transversal way – breaks the classic patterns of psych or analysis, in which the patient goes to the analyst. In this case, it is the psychologists who go to the homes of those who experience discomfort and suffering due to a situation of impasse and closure to the world. The need to meet these people in their family context is due to two main reasons: “the first – explains Tognassi – concerns situations in which the psychic suffering is so high that it makes the patient feel the need for a greater presence of the psychologist in his everyday life, to help him get his life back in motion. The same applies to cases where standard psychological intervention is not enough, for example in the field of intellectual and physical disability Added to this are new forms of suffering linked to the social withdrawal “increased by the pandemic. In psychological work”, we bet on the real encounter between people – emphasizes Tognassi -. We go to their homes, around them, we organize activities with them, helping them to come out of their defensive isolation. “In this regard , the group of experts does not have” too much difficulty in breaking the “sacredness” of the psychoanalytical framework. ta – adds the head of the Apd – has always been our social mission: to take psychoanalysis out of the private studies of analysts, by relating them to life and the social needs of the city. Since the invention of Jonas and Recalcati, psychoanalysis is no longer an elitist therapeutic practice”. -he – must not be the reason why a patient cannot access psychoanalytic treatment. Today at Jonas we also have patients who pay a symbolic sum for a session”. When “you feel you can’t do it alone, you can ask for help”, recalls Tognassi, who invites you to contact the Apd service, indicated on the website / . Locking oneself up at home, being alone, with the illusion of feeling protected, ends up isolating people: this is why the psychologist goes home. “No one saves himself – concludes the psychotherapist -. This is one of the great lessons that recent world events have taught us (the pandemic, the war…) Our life, as well as happiness, mental health, depends on the quality of our social ties, on the attention, care, solidarity with which we nourish them. Of course, the world can be very scary, it is useless to deny it, but together it is possible to find the courage to live in it”.

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