Health benefits of blueberries

The blueberry belongs to the family of Ericaceae. There are countless varieties ranging from blue to purple to brown. The best known types are the blueberry, bilberry, cranberry And the giant American blueberry. They are low calorie fruits, rich in minerals but especially in antioxidants.

THE blueberries they are a real panacea for the well-being of our body. Not only the fruit itself, but also the extracts obtained from the leaves of this great food have countless properties: astringent, antioxidant, vasoprotector, hypoglycemic, antiseptic, antiviral And anti-inflammatory. The active principles of blueberries are: tannins, pectins, flavonoids, fruit acids (malic and citric), alkaloids and phenolic acids.

After making this little premise, let’s all find out together benefits of blueberries. Are you curious?

Allies of the microcirculation and the venous system

Blueberries are rich in mineral salts such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium and vitamins A, C and B. They are excellent allies of the cardiovascular system as they strengthen the capillaries, improve venous circulation and promote microcirculation and counteract venous insufficiency.

benefits of blueberries for microcirculation

Excellent draining and diuretic

As also known in traditional medicine, blueberries are useful for the treatment of kidney, gastrointestinal and urinary tract disorders. Thanks to their properties anti-inflammatory, diuretic And disinfectantsfavor the diuresis and contrast the Water retention. It is no coincidence that they are among the main ingredients of draining herbal teas. Blueberries are therefore also excellent for combating cellulite and the hated orange peel skin. In addition, blueberries, which also have anti-inflammatory properties, are excellent for preventing urinary tract infections such as cystitis and urethritis.

They improve memory

Concentration problems and Memory? The solution is blueberries. The secret lies precisely in their characteristic color or rather in the anthocyanins, these powerful antioxidants which give this super food this particular color that we all love. Did you know that drinking cranberry juice every day for at least 12 weeks improves memory abilities by 25%? Benefits of blueberries that few know.

health benefits of blueberries
health benefits of blueberries

Remedy for stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea

Thanks to the presence of tannins which give it the property astringentsI blueberries they are an excellent remedy for various gastrointestinal problems. I am indicated in the treatment of diarrhea and in non-severe cases of enteritis. Even in case of indigestion, stomach aches or vomiting, these fruits are a natural panacea.

They improve eyesight

Blueberries not only improve the to seebut also the night vision and reduce eye fatigue. The secret is all in the anthocyanins contained in this fabulous fruit. According to some experts, even in case of vascular disorders of the eye, this super food thanks to its active ingredients can be a valid ally.

They improve sexual activity

Did you know that even the blueberries do they fall into the category of aphrodisiac foods? In addition to their extraordinary gift, these fruits are also recommended for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction in combination with citrus fruits, cherries and blackberries (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study). The secret lies in the high presence in these fruits of antioxidants and anthocyanins.

How to eat blueberries

Blueberries are a fruit that is eaten entirely with the skin, so it is advisable to wash them well beforehand. Check that there are no rotten ones then eat them directly as fresh fruit or alternatively you can combine them with a fresh fruit salad or even in the form of jam or blueberry jam. The latter is ideal for a healthy and balanced breakfast, but not only to consume blueberries when they are not in season and therefore it is not possible to find them fresh.

The Blueberry jam it can also be used to garnish a pie or pancakes. In this version it is still possible to eat them for breakfast or to offer them as a snack even to children. The benefits of blueberries will thus be a real panacea for our health and their health.

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There are also jams in other flavors such as the classic strawberry, raspberry, apricot, fig and the delicious extra elderberry jam.

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