“Health cocktail”, conference by Fidapa Porto dell’Etna –

The prevention of diseases also goes from the table, from an early age. This is the message launched by Fidapa Porto dell’Etna who organized the meeting entitled “Health Cocktail” which was held in the auditorium of the IPSSEOA “G. Falcone” of Riposto.

To open the work of the conference, in an atmosphere of fruitful collaboration between the Istituto Alberghiero and Fidapa Porto dell’Etna, the director of the school Prof. Monica Insanguine and the president Dr. Piera Bonaccorsi who, after the greetings, introduced the subject and presented by the speakers: the endocrinologist Liliana Ciotta, professor at the University of Catania; nutritionist biologist Dr. José Lo Sciuto; the psychologist, Dr. Nuvola Rinaldi; the health referent of the Hotel Institute, Prof. Cristina Avola.

Also present at the meeting: the municipal councilor of Riposto, lawyer. Paola Emanuele; the president of LILT Catania, Dr. Aurora Scalisi, who deals with primary (nutrition and correct lifestyle), secondary (territorial screening) and tertiary (dietary style for cancer patients) oncological prevention.

Professor Ciotta illustrated to the students the importance of the “food pyramid”: favoring vegetables and fruits, whole grains and healthy proteins, avoiding saturated fats, poor quality proteins, refined cereals, helping to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease and certain forms of cancer.

“More than 30% of cancers are prevented at the table” added Dr. Josè Lo Sciuto, according to whom it is also essential to know how to cook food and store it correctly. Extreme cooking on the grill, repeated frying in the same oils, smoking, cooking in foil in foil (for example) can be very dangerous for the body.

“Food is not just nourishment for the body, but a tool for the development of social relations and intercultural exchange,” recalled Dr. Rinaldi, who emphasized the importance of many dishes and foods. under the psychophysical aspect, as forms of well-being. and memory in everyone’s life.

Finally, the professor of the Hotel Institute, Cristina Avola, presented the school project “Gaining health with the Lilt” created to promote and implement health information and education programs in relation to the fight against cancer. “It was a good bet to educate our students to make free and conscious choices”, explained the Health referent, giving the floor directly to some students who joined the project.

Great satisfaction was expressed, on the sidelines of the conference, by the president of Fidapa Porto dell’Etna, Piera Bonaccorsi, who supervised the initiative: “As a gynecologist, I immediately embraced the project of Fidapa International on health and prevention, in particular on the combination of nutrition and health among young people. Good nutrition is essential from intrauterine life. For a woman, eating well during pregnancy means increasing the chances of having children who are healthy and protected against diseases like obesity, diabetes and hypertension while growing up”.

At the end of the meeting, the students of the Hotel Riposto served those present a small brunch with fruit-based cocktails and tasty dishes dedicated to healthy eating.

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