Health, fight against cancer: the importance of prevention

The director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Operational Unit of the Giovanni Paolo II Hospital in Ragusa, Giuseppe Scibilia, talks about it.

Fundamental prevention to combat the incidence of certain diseases. For others, on the other hand, it is more difficult and it is good to anticipate the appearance as much as possible, keeping the body under control. In the case of cancer, prevention is the best weapon to intercept the disease before it appears.

Prevention is better than cure

Giuseppe Scibilia

The director of the operational unit of obstetrics and gynecology of the Giovanni Paolo II hospital in Ragusa, Giuseppe Scibilia, describes some behaviors to adopt to avoid having to reach the surgical stage in the event of cancer. This has many implications, even in the couple relationship. We met him in Syracuse, during a meeting on women’s cancer organized by the association for women’s health. “Prevention is the fundamental and most desirable condition, because any therapeutic possibility that leads to the cure of a cancer diagnosed today is inevitably accompanied by subsequent deficits – he says. There is always a price to pay for surgical or medical treatments that must be put in place to fight cancer.We now know that secondary prevention, that is to say the possibility of intercepting the disease at a very early stage, allows in a large percentage of cases get cured.

Primary cancer prevention

Primary prevention is different, the real one which must avoid the appearance of the disease. “Prevention would like to have as a fundamental objective not to get sick – he continues. Unfortunately, we don’t know the conditions that cause some cancers to prevent them, but we do know them for others. For example: for cancer of the cervix today we have a vaccination that allows a very large percentage of cases not to fall ill with this type of pathology, namely that of the papillomavirus”.

Basic way of life

Lifestyles, physical activity and nutrition are equally important. “The Mediterranean diet, for example, is the main diet – he continues: in the last three years it has been considered the best in the world, both for the possibility of carrying it out and because it combines nutraceuticals that have an anti-tumor effect. The follow-up of these indications would already lead to a reflection of approximately 30 to 35% of tumors. We are talking about 65,000 fewer cancers per year in Italy”.

State Prevention

Prevention also involves medical tests and checks, to be carried out regularly in certain age groups. Some are provided by the health system. “With regard to women – explains Dr. Scibilia – state guarantees for the female population in an age group between 25 and 64 years for cervical cancer; from 40 to 69 years for breast cancer”. To this must be added, still in the female field, routine checks: gynecological examination, Pap test and reporting of any abnormality. “Early diagnosis of tumors means that we are working without symptoms but we are still in the presence of small signs that thanks to the technology and the equipment is very sensitive we are able to identify in a preclinical form” – more evidence.

Prevention: Sicily late, but it is recovering

“Sicily, like the whole South, is not shining but in the recovery phase – confirms the director. There are also big investments on the national side for screening. In the message on prevention, the State must support voluntary associations and structures, such as the League for the Fight against Cancer or like Women’s Health and other patient associations, which want to take it to schools, to intercept this population. in the training phase. who need to adopt healthy lifestyles and habits. From the point of view of prevention, Sicily is therefore moving forward – he concludes: we have projects and we hope for concrete results in the short term”.

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