Health, more than 51 million interventions in the Collio-Alto Isonzo region

“The organization we have in mind aims to promote home care, so that citizens receive the most appropriate care. In this, the regional health reform initiated in 2019, which has relied heavily on local services, was the precursor of the orientations of the National Council. recovery and resilience plan”. This was said today in Gorizia by the governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Massimiliano Fedriga, during the illustration of the health interventions planned in the territorial area of ​​Collio-Alto Isonzo.

Accompanied by the Deputy Governor in charge of Health, Riccardo Riccardi, Fedriga stressed that the planned works represent a medium-term vision since their realization will be carried out after the conclusion of the legislature.

“These are choices – explained the governor – that look at the quality of the services provided to citizens and that will provide them with an efficient health system that is widely present in the region. A decision that we have taken without being conditioned by the thought of who will cutting the inaugural ribbon.”.

For his part, Riccardi went into the details of the projects, starting from an overall figure. That of the sum of the resources planned for building and plant interventions: 43,103,858 euros in Gorizia and 8,154,584 in Cormons, for a total value of 51,258,442 which is broken down by type of intervention (Pnrr, Regional Plan for Development and Reorganization of the hospital network).

With regard to the PNR, it is planned to take over the building of the health district which in Cormons will house the community house and the community hospital (20 beds). In Gorizia, the intervention will take place in the former Pneumological Clinic where the community house, the territorial operations center and the community hospital will be located. As Riccardi reminded us, this will mean the presence of general practitioners, paediatricians of free choice, local specialized services, hospice (with 10 beds), acute care posts (15 beds), Cup, ward rehabilitation and Usca.

Confirming that the Administration’s vision is for a local health care system that treats patients at home, when possible, the Deputy Governor recalled the $222 million invested in this regard by the current Board, of which more of 75 million regional funds. “Which represent – ​​he added – a decisive change of course compared to the 22 invested in the previous legislature”.

The objective of telemedicine is also strategic, with a view to constant monitoring of chronic diseases to prevent aggravations and adverse events. Finally, noteworthy at the Gorizia hospital: the work to expand the emergency department and strengthen the cardiological resuscitation area.

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