Health: Padua, yesterday Deputy Foreign Minister Sereni visited the headquarters of Doctors with Africa CUAMM

(Photo: Doctors with Africa CUAMM)

Yesterday afternoon, the visit of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, in charge of Cooperation, Marina Sereni, took place at the headquarters of Medici con l’Africa CUAMM in Padua, where she met the director Don Dante Carraro and heads of different sectors. An opportunity to present to the Deputy Minister the work of Médecins d’Afrique CUAMM in the 8 countries of Africa south of the Sahara where it is present and the new challenges of the vaccination campaign.
In more than 70 years of commitment in Africa, Doctors with Africa CUAMM has cared for the sick, renovated health centers, helped women give birth and children to be born and grow. He vaccinated children and trained health workers. Day after day, CUAMM doctors took care of patients with HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria; they have lived through tragedies such as Marburg in Angola, Ebola in Sierra Leone, have faced many and different emergencies, always placing the poorest and weakest at the center of everything, starting with mothers and children. This was possible thanks to the collaboration with local authorities and the support and trust received from Italian institutions, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its agency.
“The CUAMM is one of the realities that best represents the commitment of Italian civil society in Africa – said Marina Sereni -. Their presence and activities to support the health systems of African countries and help them respond to the health issues of their populations, starting with women and children, is of paramount importance. We welcomed with great interest Don Dante Carraro’s announcement on the orientation of starting a presence also in Niger, a priority country for Italian cooperation”.
“We are happy and honored to welcome Deputy Minister Marina Sereni – said Don Dante Carraro, Director of CUAMM -. The collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, both with the General Directorate for Development Cooperation and with the Agency, is part of the history of CUAMM. It is a solid and consolidated relationship. We have grown together and, even if like the CUAMM we have diversified donors, the Ministry remains a fundamental partner for our action in Africa. Behind every institution there are always faces and people with whom we build relationships and relationships. Italian cooperation has the face of Deputy Minister Sereni, to whom we are bound in friendship and esteem for the great dedication and commitment she puts into the exercise of her role. After the 2014 reform of the cooperation law, this visit is a very welcome opportunity to strengthen the link and collaboration with the ministry”.
The visit to CUAMM was followed by a meeting between Deputy Minister Sereni, the management of CUAMM and the Rector of the University of Padua, Daniela Mappelli, to reaffirm the strong bond between CUAMM and the University of Padua as well in Africa.


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