Health. Pharmacovigilance ‘antenna’ pharmacies, the Vigirete project starts in Emilia-Romagna

Pharmacies ever closer to citizens, with an even stronger role in overseeing and supporting the territory, even in the post-pandemic period. In Emilia-Romagna they now become “antenna” for reporting adverse drug reactions through the Vigirete project promoted by the Region in collaboration with Veneto, leader of the project: the dual objective is to create a network of pharmacies (half of them, 669 out of 1,367, those that have already joined from Piacenza to Rimini) to increase and improve community and pharmacist awareness of the importance of reporting suspected adverse reactions; and, therefore, also increase the number and quality of reports, consolidating the relationship between the pharmacy and the citizen.

If pharmacists are called upon to make users aware of this possibility and to accompany them in the declaration, which can be done online or with a paper form, the informative and educational role that pharmacists will have on the correct and appropriate use of the drug is just as important, to achieve a global “education” that can be maintained over time or even beyond the project.

Pharmacists work alongside other healthcare professionals as signallers, including general practitioners, hospital doctors and pediatricians of choice.

How it works

Pharmacies that have joined or will decide to join by registering on the website will have information and drug sheets for more information. They must report suspected adverse reactions to medicines and vaccines by connecting to the online reporting site ( or with a paper form completed with the citizen to be given to the relevant Ausl Pharmacovigilance contact.

In addition, between May and July 2022, pharmacists from all affiliated pharmacies in the region will be able to follow online training meetings organized by the Regional Center for Pharmacovigilance and by representatives of the Pharmacovigilance company to learn more about the project. Finally, each participating pharmacy will receive the kit containing information brochures for pharmacists and citizens, newsletters and access to courses, which are free and aimed at both owners and employees.

Citizens who think they should report a suspected adverse reaction to medicines or vaccines can go to one of the pharmacies participating in the project (the list is available on the website where they will find pharmacists informed about the challenges of pharmacovigilance who will be able to report directly or support that of the citizen.

Participating pharmacies

669 of the 1,367 pharmacies in the area have joined Vigirete to date, distributed as follows: 49 in the province of Piacenza, 66 in the province of Parma, 89 in Reggio Emilia. And 48 in the Modena region, 87 in Bologna, 24 in Imola, 48 in the province of Ferrara, 84 in the region of Ravenna, 100 in the province of Forlì-Cesena and 74 in the region of Rimini.

The list of pharmacies that have already joined Vigirete

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