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The patient almost always does not know it, but a dental visit can be lifesaving, especially if the pathology intercepted is a dangerous oral cancer that shows few signs of its presence. Dentists know this very well and try to spread this culture of prevention to their patients as much as possible. The message comes from the XXVI National Congress of the Odontostomatological Cenacle (Coi Aiog), which took place in Catania on the theme “Dentistry at the service of health: dentistry and medicine an inseparable couple”. It was the National President, Maria Grazia Cannarozzo, who highlighted the importance of a dentist who, by approaching the patient, becomes once again a sentinel of health.

“Good oral health is a fundamental component of good general systemic health – added Cannarozzo – and, according to scientific evidence, many systemic pathologies have interdependent links with various oral pathologies. Dentistry and Medicine therefore become an inseparable combination, for a trained, competent, up-to-date dental team, as in the mission of the cenacle which since last September has been a scientific society approved by the Ministry of Health”. Massimo Galli, specialist in infectious diseases, also intervened, talking about the pandemic and future scenarios. On the stage of the speakers there were Raffaele Iandolo, national president of the Dental Registry Commission, the rector of the University of Catania Francesco Priolo, the national president Siocmf Sandro Rengo, national president Aiso Gianluca Pancrazi and president of the course in dentistry at the University of Catania, Carla Loreto.

For Cannizzaro Hospital, General Manager Salvo Giuffrida and Medical Director Diana Cinà. And again the extraordinary commissioner for Covid 19 for the metropolitan area of ​​Catania, Pino Liberti, and Sebastiano Ferlito, councilor representing the Order of Physicians of Catania. The scientific program was rich and dense, which touched through the themes of dentistry and medicine. These were implant rehabilitation and oral surgery (Romeo, Pistilli, Romano), endodontic treatments (Plotino, Pedullà), prosthetic rehabilitations (Occhiuzzi, Torrisi, Panebianco), planning treatment plans using the Cbct and digital technologies (Di Stefano, Puma) or orthodontic treatments (Farronato, Lo Giudice) regenerative medicine (Di Pietro) the relationship between microbiome and microbiota (Possenti) and the importance of implementing correct life and a good and correct diet (Trabalza).

We also talked about the rigorous criteria of effectiveness and suitability, for a dentist who is a good communicator (Giacomi), which takes into account the criteria of scientific evidence (Cicciù, Cervino) and compares with changes and evolution generational (Vezzani) . Focus also on the problems of Osas (Pennisi) and those related to smoking with the possible use of devices for the weaning of addiction (Zanetti). To give added value, the students illustrated their posters with their short reports. Sure, clear and precise, not at all intimidated by a first time as a speaker in a congress in full plenary session. All worthy of the posters presented, with special mentions and awarding of the Melli Prize and prizes graciously donated by certain companies, to the posters deemed the most valuable. A session was dedicated to Aso, led by Ernesto Rapisarda, Alfio Pappalardo and Giuseppe Maccarrone.

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