Health, the benefits of zirconia dental implants

Today, the best dental practices are able to offer their patients a new material for the realization of dental implants: zirconia, a particular type of ceramic that has excellent characteristics. Although titanium continues to be used in the field of dental implantology, it is worth learning about this novelty because, especially in some cases, it may be the best option. So let’s see together what are the features and benefits of zirconia dental implants.

Biomimetics – From a purely aesthetic point of view, zirconia has a significant characteristic: it is white in color, unlike titanium which is much darker. This usually does not create major problems, but there are specific cases in which zirconia dental implants are more suitable than titanium ones. There are in fact patients who have very thin gums and who need a graft to prevent the implant from being visible and in any case not noticing unsightly shadows. This can all be avoided, however, by using zirconia ceramic, as it is actually white in color and therefore unlikely to show under the gumline.

High resistance to biomechanical stresses – Zirconia has another very interesting characteristic: it is indeed an extremely resistant material, even 3 times more than titanium. It is therefore not ceramic that was used in the past, but an innovative material that lends itself very well to use in the field of implantology because there is no risk of it breaking.

High resistance to bacterial attack – Another advantage offered by zirconia is its high resistance to bacterial attack. In fact, the plate adheres more difficultly to this material, so it is much more difficult than those who have a ceramic implant catch bacterial infections. This is not a detail, as we know it is quite a common occurrence when different materials are used.

Excellent capacity for osseointegration – Zirconia is a material considered very valid for the realization of dental implants also because it has an excellent capacity for osseointegration. Essentially, this particular ceramic has a total affinity with gum, making it fit for purpose.

Hypoallergenic material – Zirconia implants are an excellent alternative for patients who are allergic to metals and therefore may experience problems with titanium. Being a particular type of ceramic, in fact, zirconia is completely hypoallergenic and therefore safe.

No risk of corrosion – Finally, it should be remembered that zirconia, being a ceramic, is not likely to encounter the corrosion phenomena that can affect metal implants. This further reduces the risk of inflammation and infection in the oral cavity. Zirconia ceramic dental implants are therefore an excellent alternative to those made of titanium, which still remain valid and are still used today by all professionals in the sector. the best dental practices offer their patients the possibility of choosing between zirconia and titanium and this is undoubtedly an advantage not to be underestimated.


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