Health, the hospice moves to the Citadel of Health in Campo di Marte

The San Cataldo hospice moves to Campo di Marte: it will be managed directly by the staff of ASL Toscana Nord Ovest and will have one more place than those available in Maggiano.

148 patients followed in 2021 alone, approximately 1900 from February 23, 2008 to date. These are the data of the San Cataldo hospice, in the Maggiano complex. But these are not numbers: they are all people who have been accompanied and accompanied in their journey, thanks to the work and friendship of the operators of the structure, who each time create a deep bond with the patients and their families.

From today (March 28), the transfer of the facility to Pavilion C of the Campo di Marte Health Citadel, which already houses intermediate care, has begun.

This opens a new phase, already planned for some time, to bring the hospice closer to the city. The change, shared with all components of the community of Lucca, has been slowed down by the Covid emergency and by some organizational problems, but it is taking place these days thanks to the work of many operators, who have carried out the interventions necessary for the preparation of the rooms on the third floor of hall C, in an area left empty precisely because it is already intended for this function.

“The opening of the hospice – he explains Luigi Rossi, district manager of Piana di Lucca – officially takes place today. I thank all the people who worked and are working on this transfer, which will be completed by Wednesday, March 30 at the latest. In particular, the medical officer of the establishment Andrea Bertoluccithe organizational position that coordinates the nurses in the territory Svaldo Sensi, the nursing coordinators for the Aft Francigena and Capannori Massimiliano Cortopassi and for the territories of the municipalities of Lucca and Pescaglia Elisabetta De Santi. Thanks also to all the support group, to the technical office and to Sergio Mura with the logistics. Integration with home care palliative care and with local voluntary associations, such as Don Franco Baroni, Silvana Sciortino and Avo, who accompany us, showing great sensitivity to the fragility of the end of life. The hospice activity is also integrated with other local services and I would like to emphasize the importance of the network: collaboration between local authorities and associations is fundamental for the maintenance and development of social and health services”.

“In recent days – adds Dr. Bertolucci – we have tried to admit fewer patients to the hospice, in order to be ready to quickly close San Cataldo and welcome patients to the new location. Also on my part, thank you to all those who collaborated in this transfer and in the development of the territorial network.. A special thought to all the staff (nurses, health social workers, etc.), even non-corporate, who in these 14 years have enabled the San Cataldo experience. Many are those who, with availability and professionalism, have offered their work to help hospitalized people and improve their quality of life. I remember that the palliative care staff takes care of the sick person with mainly medical or nursing interventions, but in this path there are also other relevant aspects, such as psychological or physiotherapeutic interventions, which can have their own role in the support phase. Also, I do not forget the affection and closeness of the community of Lucca, which always makes us feel its closeness and support”.

“The rooms on the third floor of Pavilion C which are already receiving the first patients of San Cataldo today (March 28) – adds Dr. Sensi – are very comfortable. Each room has its own specific characterization in furniture and colors. The training of the personnel who will take care of the structure in Campo di Marte has already been completed, and will be all company personnel (in Maggiano, the cooperative took care of it instead). When fully operational, the hospice will have 8 places, one more than the previous location“.

During this time, the San Cataldo facility will remain under concession to the La Salute cooperative, which will provide other services, which will certainly be integrated with the residence for the elderly and the rsd present within the same complex.

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