Health Undersecretary visits Fair hub: ‘Extraordinary response from this structure’

Lorenzo De Cinque

Andrea Costa, Undersecretary of Health, arrived to visit the vaccination center of the Ferrara Fair. Invited by city councilor Francesco Carità to “touch the work of these months”, the deputy was welcomed by the authorities, starting with the regional councilor for health Raffaele Donini as well as the regional councilors Marcella Zappaterra and Marco Fabbri, the prefect Rinaldo Argentieri as well as Monica Calamai, General Manager of Ferrara Ausl, and Paola Bardasi, Extraordinary Commissioner of the University Hospital of Ferrara.

“We look to the future with positivity – began Costa – and we must carry out an operation: 7 million citizens have not yet received the booster dose”. At the same time, however, the undersecretary does not hide that “we must continue with caution and a sense of responsibility because the objective is to return to normality, in a society without restrictive measures”.

The deputy then applauded the management of the pandemic by Ferrara and the Emilia-Romagna region, recalling how “this structure (the Ferrara Fair, editor’s note) was able to give an extraordinary response and testifies to the way in which Emilia- Romagna has followed the objectives set”. in a great way”.

On the reception of Ukrainian refugees, on the other hand, he then underlined how “here they can find complete health care and it is an example of the reception of our country”.

On the case that broke a few days ago concerning false vaccinations in Ferrara, Costa trusts justice because “when someone commits a crime, he must be prosecuted” and immediately underlines how “my position is clear in favor of vaccines and after 250,000 deaths, I really find it difficult to understand the Holocaust deniers, who now only regain spaces of freedom thanks to this part of the country which has been vaccinated”.

An interesting announcement, on the other hand, concerns the fourth dose, a theme that comes up again with the latest outbreak of infections. “It is reasonable to think – says the exhibitor of Noi con Italia – that we will achieve an annual recall and that science is working on a single vaccine against influenza and anti Covid”.

But returning to the local situation, to the fate of the Ferrara Fiere hub, the director of Ausl Monica Calamai explained that “the end of the state of emergency vis-à-vis the Covid is expected at the end of the month. , but at the same time a different state of emergency has opened up for refugees from Ukraine and it is also for this reason that a structure like the Fair will allow us to give a rapid and quality response, through a integrated also with the Prefecture of Police At the moment the number of daily vaccinations has decreased, also due to the very high levels of coverage achieved in the province of Ferrara, but in case of need we have a flexible and organized plan of modular way ready”. On a possible fourth dose, Calamai however reassured that “we are organized despite everything”.

Other assurances on the pandemic situation also come from regional councilor Donini, who clarified how “vaccination data stems the curve of contagion, which today does not result in a saturation of hospital services” and moreover it is unbalanced by saying that “we are certain not to return to fill the departments”.

After the Fair, Costa visited the Sant’Anna di Cona Hospital, accompanied by the Extraordinary Commissioner. “During these two years – said Bardasi – the Society has given citizens a rapid and concrete response during the four pandemic waves; an effective clinical assistance response that our professionals continue to provide in this new conflict-related emergency in Ukraine and in daily life, placing the citizen at the center of their work with integrated and person-centered services”.

Costa was then received at the town hall by deputy mayor Nicola Lodi.


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