Healthy Peers, a social site and campaign for sexual health

Initiative of Arcigay, Lila and Lapins Blancs. Sex like a big amusement park where play is about choice and awareness, consent and responsibility. “Everyone has the right to have pleasurable and safe sexual experiences”

ROME- Healthy Peers, the initiative born from the collaboration between Arcigay, LILA and Conigli Bianchi, officially comes online with its own interactive website,, as well as a social campaign on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook that it will promote the culture of prevention and sexual healthfunded by ViiV to support Arcigay’s sexual health and wellness strategy.

“Our action is born from the conviction that all people should have the opportunity to be informed and the right to have pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, based on consent and free from coercion, discrimination and violence – explain the promoters of the campaign in a press release -. Individuals’ sexual rights must always be protected and guaranteed, including by providing reliable tools of knowledge to enable them to make free and informed choices, and by seeking, as Healthy Peers will strive to do, to encourage non-judgmental attitudes and without stigma. , and an approach to positive and respectful relationships”.

For such a campaign, it was essential to remove sexuality from stigmatizing and demonizing performances, logics and narratives.. Hence the idea of ​​recounting sex as if it were a large amusement park, where the exploration of pleasure can become a sex-positive adventure and where the experience of one’s peers, or peers, is the key to better orientation. Sex is synonymous with fluidity, which is why the different universes described in Healthy Peers are in communication with each other, to promote a look at identity, orientation and behaviors as cross as possible. Similarly, the great rides of the sex park are an allegory that associates the notion of pleasure with those of choice and awareness, consent and responsibility.

“In Healthy Peers – the press release continues – a pirate bay can be transformed into a place where raging ageism in society is combated, a shuttle can practically lead to weightless sex and help overcome the empowering bias that we all wear , and going on an open-air cruise or the dungeons of a Chemsex Castle can be an opportunity to do harm reduction and educate about substance or behavioral addictions”.

On social networks and on the Healthy Pees website you will find weekly information on the prevention of HIV and the main sexually transmitted infections, with particular attention to stigma and social and cultural aspects. Equal space will find in-depth information on fun, interviews, translations and references to projects that, in Italy and abroad, carry out dissemination work on these issues. There will also be special spaces and content on sexuality and affectivity dedicated to adolescents, intersex, trans and non-binary people, women who have sex with women, people with disabilities and men who have sex. with men, with particular attention to the over 50s. These populations have an extreme epidemiological relevance but suffer from a scarcity of educational programs dedicated to them.

The many contents of the site can be visited through a large interactive map: from here you can also ride a sex carousel to test your knowledge of sexual pleasure and safer sex, visit a constantly updated blog and for those with more courage it will be possible to enter a house of fear where the many urban legends about sexuality can be dispelled.

“Healthy Peers is only a starting point, it is an initiative open to collaborations and suggestions, it does not act as a holder of unique knowledge, but as a spokesperson for a community – reads the press release – There is the potential and the will to develop increasingly inclusive extensions also from the linguistic and accessibility point of view for neurodivergent people, and the desire to become a benchmark in sexual health for everyone, not just LGBTQIA+ people“.

“At the level of rights, and the culture of sexuality and affectivity, the tools are still unsuited to the registered needs, the convergence between three associations with different histories behind them politically sends a precise signal: uniting is the only way to make a difference,” the statement concludes.

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