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In the kitchen, mistakes are always around the corner, that’s why it’s important to cook healthy and these techniques can help us do it.

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Sometimes we can try exquisite recipes, other times simpler and faster preparations, but in both cases we could cook in a way Incorrectperhaps unaware of solutions ideal for a healthy preparation.

This is why it may be useful to follow these tips to cook and enjoy healthy food, while reducing the presence of fat. Let’s see them together.

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The right techniques for healthy cooking

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A first important thing is to use theoil in moderation, this is because fat should make up about 20-35% of calories consumed daily. And considering that each tablespoon of oil used to fry food adds 100 kcal to meals, breaking its daily intake becomes really easy.

You can then use them herbs aromatic herbs for cooking food, a light solution to avoid adding salt but at the same time able to give flavors, aromas and nutrients to food. If you then opt for quick preparation or a quick meal and decide to use foods in box, remember to always clean them. Then rinse the box with water. This way, you will not only avoid infections, but you will also reduce sodium levels.

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Food cleaning is helpful, but not always. That’s why while rinsing canned food is good, it’s better not to do it with raw meat. This is because water can spread bacteria from meat or poultry to the rest of the kitchen, contaminating the environment. Also, water cannot kill pathogens.

The best cooking methods for healthy cooking

Let’s move on to cooking methods, there are some that are better than others and able to preserve our health. Grill food, for example, can be a very advantageous solution, not only because it eliminates the added fat, but also that already present in the food which will tend to disappear with this cooking method. However, you have to be careful not to overdo it, because overcooking the food could cause it to burn and it certainly won’t do you any good. For example, meat, if cooked at high temperature, can develop genotoxic molecules capable of causing DNA changes and all this can lead to a high risk of cancer.

Even cook in oven proves to be a good solution for cooking food, as it does not involve the addition of fat. It is a longer process which, however, pays off in terms of health, maintaining the nutritional principles and making the dishes more and more tasty. Finally, cooking al steamOriental method par excellence, it lends itself to many recipes and has the advantage of being low in calories.

With steam, in fact, food does not lose the nutritional properties of food, unlike other types of cooking that are able to do so. The food is then placed in a perforated basket which will be suspended over a boiling liquid. A flavored liquid or the addition of seasonings to the water will then allow the food to flavor itself during cooking.

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Now that you know the best tips and the most effective cooking methods, you can take care of yourself in a healthier way, without risking getting sick and eating fatty foods.

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