here is the startup that is building a new health model

Lami is born, the startup that operates in the health world born during the pandemic to offer primary care services and has grown rapidly. It is a primary care platform that provides answers on symptoms and health conditions, first aid And preventionthe three pillars of primary carefilling the void left by sanitary system and of figure of the general practitionerspecifically.

“Our challenge is to revolutionize the traditional model of primary medicine, making it lessWhere dependent on the figure of the individual doctor but universal and accessible. Through the use of artificial intelligence, Lami wants to help people focus on their needs and define the most appropriate health journey. –explains Davide Barenghi, CEO of Lami-. To do this, we use technological tools that allow us, together with the medical staff who work with us and their clinical experience, to provide scientific and rapid answers and to make the doctor-patient relationship as efficient as possible”.

More than 15,000 people have chosen Lami to date, for a total of 30,000 services provided.

New Support Models

The Covid emergency has also shown how some models of care work and could be improvedfor the benefit of both users and service providers.

Telemedicine is one of them. in fact, it offers the possibility of remote access to medical consultations, from anywhere, streamlines queues And shortens the time of visits and examsoptimizing everyone’s time: patients and professionals.

We often think we need one visit in the presence of the professional, yet today’s technology makes it possible to solve many problems remotely, saving time and money. So why not find a method which, by exploiting technology, allows these advantages to be multiplied?

As Harrison Milao, CTO Lami explains: “Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the healthcare industry, enabling doctors to make clinical decisions and identify possible diseases early. The most exciting thing about the technology we are creating at Lami is that it can impact thousands of people every day, and it’s a big step towards democratizing patient care around the world.”

Prevent before treating

The idea that drives Lami is to try to meet the ever-increasing demand for health information from the public, through two possibilities:

  • make available to people technological solutions provided by qualified personnel, to answer frequently asked questions of Dr. Google;
  • put the patient in touch with a doctor (on video or in person, depending on the symptomatology represented), if necessary.

Responding reliably and quickly to people’s primary care needs means being able to work more on prevention than on cure. Making certain services such as exams and health checks easily accessible is exactly what traditional physical channels struggle to do, for example. lack of time and of Resources.

Yet the Italy health data they clearly indicate that something needs to be changed in traditional care pathways. The absence of a benchmark figure means that the use of health services is inefficient, uneconomical and ineffective for patients.

  • According to Il Sole24Ore: “At least 1.5 million Italians do not have a trusted doctor. Some are forced to rely on in-depth studies. Others rely on substitutes. But the actual number of Italians without a family doctor could be much higher.”

• 35,000 will retire by 2027; 15 million Italians could find themselves without a general practitioner within 6 years.

For the nurses the situation is even worsetheir number is clearly lower than the European average: today there are more than 60,000 missing, nearly 27,000 in the north, around 13,000 in the center and 23,500 in the south and on the islands.

• Dr. Google: 4 billion searches per year health related issues in Italy and CAGR of 15% per year (higher in Europe). Crawling self-diagnosis.

Lami-X and Symptom Checker

For all these reasons, Lami is developing an avant-garde service: a symptom checker based on a artificial intelligence software go medical protocols which makes it possible to interrogate the system on any symptom and to receive an immediate response which directs the patient on the actions to be taken or the tests to be carried out.

The first step in this direction is represented by Lami-Xthe recently released tool that configures personalized assessments on the basis of a simple interaction: in both cases the exchange of information, being automated, is confidential and allows the patient to act and respond freely, freeing himself from barriers and taboos.

One aspect, that of taboos and shame, that should not be underestimated, as Chiara Frigerio, CMO Lami reminds us: “Technology and artificial intelligence can be a great tool to deconstruct biases and gender stereotypes, and more. In health, many topics are still taboo and have easy access to scientific, reliable and fair answers can make a difference, both in terms of treatment and prevention”.

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