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In the April 15 episode of eri, guest of Italian Stories, Antonino Spinalbese, former partner of Belen Rodriguez and father of little Luna Marì, spoke openly about the disease that struck him in the pancreas. Interviewed by Eleonora Daniele, Antonino Spinalbese recounted his dramatic experience.

The new drama of a diseases Who knocked Antonino Spinalbese it had already been circulating for several weeks: it was the same to disseminate this information Spinalbesis through his Social Profiles.

Interviewed in yesterday’s episode of Italian tales However, the model, hairdresser and photographer has opened up to the public even more than Eleonora Daniele and said more in depth about the diseases who hit him pancreas.

At the center of his thoughts, as said to Italian talesin the most tragic moments that followed the discovery of diseasesthere has always been the little one moon Husbandonly daughter of Antoninus Spinalbesishad a relationship with Belen Rodriguez.

The history of the disease

in yesterday’s episode of Italian Stories Eleonora Daniele had a guest in the studio Antoninus Spinalbesis. In the interview, there was not the slightest trace of Belen Rodriguez and on his flashback with Stefano DeMartinobut the model, photographer and hairstylist opened up about a much more serious issue that concerns him personally: his pancreatic disease.

Antonino Spinalbese she revealed that she would recount her experience social it was very important to be able to overcome a moment when he felt very alone, the one that followed the discovery of his health problem, an autoimmune disease that affected his pancreas.

Since dadhis first concern went to Luna Marihis only daughter, during his relationship with Belen Rodriguez:

When I started having these painsI got curious and I’m really afraid. Being a father, especially in the early days, is not something you can relate to. It takes time and I was worried about putting my daughter through difficulties.

Antonino Spinalbese: how is he now

During the interview, Antonino Spinalbese he also talked about the fact that its now health conditions they are remarkably improvedthanks to medical care of specialists who enabled him to keep the diseases:

Thanks to the doctors, I managed to regain a healthy life that I already had and that I improved. I have an old man’s pancreas.

In the beginning I couldn’t hire anything. I was on an empty stomach and fed drop by drop, so as not to tire the pancreas. Then I added other foods. Now I’ve managed to get to a state where I live normally.

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