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Salvatore Aranzulla reveals to Gazzetta the training and diet that gave him a Hulk body. And as for social media…

Eugenio Spagnuolo


Last year, the revelation, right on these pages: Salvatore Aranzulla, oracle of all the answers to our high-tech problems, is a lover of bodybuilding, a “physical” discipline to which he applies the same painstaking passion as it has for computing. A contradiction in terms? Not at all, because as Aranzulla has Loghis progress and sporting evolutions have also been made possible by the strategic use of spreadsheets, apps and a “smart” scale. The Aranzulla method (from the title of one of his famous books) applied to fitness, in short. A year later the technologist the most beloved of Italians, he also tells us about his diet, how a healthy lifestyle, in addition to giving him a sculptural body, helps him keep an autoimmune disease at bay and warns us of the risks that we run when we use social media instead of the mirror.

Last year you told a Log of your passion for bodybuilding, arousing a certain wonder: few expected the king of technical guides to have a passion for the gym, for diets. How did subscribers and readers take it?

“Many continue to write to me, especially on Instagram. So much wonder, which amuses me a little.”

An articulated figurine also appeared which represents you in version muscle man.

“I discovered it by chance: one day I saw a meme… I thought it was a photomontage. But it was true. A very beautiful thing, they even sent it to me” .

And how are you doing with practice and everything today? From the pictures it looks good…

“I stabilized on 4 training sessions per week. Compared to a year ago my physical condition has improved, I can see it too. But…”.

“I stopped confronting myself with the fitness images that circulate on social networks: impossible references for a human being. On the contrary, the feedback I receive from those who follow me give me the measure of my progress by one point from a physical point of view”.

How is Salvatore Aranzulla training compared to last year?

“The workout is unchanged. Still at home with my fitness equipment in 4 sessions per week of one hour, 2 for the legs, 2 for the upper body. It’s a workout that I adapt according to the periods and the desire to experiment with new things when I feel discomfort or pain. Example the Lat machine for the lats: I noticed that by changing grip I felt less fatigue. But the training scheme remains almost the same. »

Do you follow any theoretical training in particular?

“No, a traditional workout, but I adapt it to the multifunction machine I have at home and the dumbbells. And I always try to progress between the sections, increasing the loads. In the end, any type of training works, as long as there is a progression”.

Which exercise gives you the most satisfaction?

“I like the work I do on the back, I worked hard to improve the loads. It was not my strong point, but I managed to bring them to a similar level with the pecs.”

Beyond self-esteem, what benefits have you gained from the training?

“Since I started training again I have never had a relapse of ulcerative colitis, the disease I have been living with for years. Therapy will also have played its part. But what I do know is that I never had relapses again: before, I had them once a year and I was really sick. I believe that playing sports helps relieve stress. Then I follow a balanced diet. And that matters too.”

Do you follow a special diet?

“I tried to go into a calorie deficit. But I realized that after a week I wasn’t working well and couldn’t concentrate, so I went back to a normal calorie diet. .”

And isn’t a normal calorie diet sufficient for your needs?

“Yes and no. I have my weight loss goals. I am 1.70 cm tall and weigh 66 kg. Last year I had reached a fat percentage around 12% of body weight. I have so I went into a phase of muscle growth, eating more and the percentage of fat went up to 14/15%, then health problems stopped me and I lost muscle mass. I decided to try a low calorie diet: but I couldn’t work anymore and I lacked energy. So I decided to resume the interview until the summer. And at that moment, I understood something… “.

“At the end of the day, all of this weight gain and weight loss and vice versa works for athletes who do just that for a living or for those who use performance-enhancing substances. For all of us who train so amateur, it’s different.With a Spartan regime, you risk not being able to work. sometimes we let ourselves be too influenced by the images of social networks: Tik Tok and Instagram show you people who have minimal body fat percentages, something that is impossible in reality except for short periods of time and for very few people. I also cracked that according to Dexa data I am in better physical condition than 99% of men my age. Yet if I compare myself to what I see on social networks, I see myself badly”.

It is not uncommon for those who practice bodybuilding not to have a real physical perception of themselves. Even Schwarzenegger admitted it…

“It’s true. And that can become a problem. I’ve learned to watch myself, focus on improving loads and progress as far as possible.”

Do you use supplements?

“Protein powder, creatine and a multi-vitamin when I can’t eat all the fruit I want. Same thing for protein: I take it if I can’t get the protein quota for the day.”

Speaking of protein meals, one of your typical recipes?

“I am Sicilian, I like octopus very much. So pasta with octopus. To make it first I buy it already cooked, steamed, I make it in cubes, I add 10 grams of oil, 100 g of cherry tomatoes and a little pasta cooking water. The result is a sauce with a fat percentage close to zero. And with 120 g of octopus we reach the daily protein quota. It is a very nutritious food.

What method do you use to calculate fat percentage?

“I have a professional scale that helps me calculate it. It’s an error-prone estimate, but it takes us around.”

And then how to translate all this into a diet?

“It’s not complicated. I weigh myself every day and I track calories. So based on the weight and the calories taken the day before, I can determine how much I should eat in the meals of the day, to correct the surplus or the deficit of the previous days and tend towards the objective that I have set for myself”.

The Aranzulla Method applied to food. Have you thought about posting it?

“I would like to make an app, but there are tons of them. Right now everything is based on spreadsheets, which reminds me of when I was studying statistics at university. took about 5 years to create them. Maybe one day I will publish them and make them available to everyone”.

The ultimate goal of all this commitment?

“Healthy aging. Lately, I have been passionate about the science of longevity. I have read many books about it. One, above all, I would like to recommend: The big way by Franco Berrino and Luigi Fontana, an excellent book that provides a lot of useful information for healthy aging. That’s what we all want. Or not?”.

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