How to find well-being and health after the pandemic, conference at Somma

Sum Vesuvius. The social promotion association “APS Soma & Psiche”, Saturday April 2
2022, at 9:30 a.m., in the conference room of the Trinitarian Fathers, via Gino
Auriemma, 2 years old, Somma Vesuviana (NA), with the moral patronage of the Institute
Experimental zooprophylactic from southern Italy, from the National Cancer Institute
Pascale Foundation of Naples, the APS Annalisa Durante association,
of the ass. APS Jesce Sole, and ass. Friends of Bon Vivant, he organized
a day of confrontation on the infectious disease COVID-19 caused by the virus
called SARS-CoV-2, titled:


You can come out of such an apocalypse today, return to the life before and
put behind what we have been through for the past two years? Yes
he can look at the other whom we do not know, without the fear of
infection? We will be able to free ourselves from the new vibrations of our self which have matured
in the long loneliness? There are treatments and vaccines that can keep them at bay
all variants? How does the combination of “Environment and Health” affect ours
quality of life?… These and other questions will be posed to stakeholders in the
conference by the students of the high schools of Somma Vesuviana (Liceo
scientific – classic “E. Torricelli” and ITI “E. Maiorana”) and of S. Giorgio a
Cremano (ITI “E. Medi”), and by the heads of establishments of the first, second and third
Circolo Didattico and SSPG “S. Giovanni Bosco – Summa Villa” by Somma

The speakers will be Prof. Paolo Antonio Ascierto, oncologist and researcher
of the National Institute of Cancer IRCCS “Pascal Foundation” of Naples, and the
teacher. Antonio Limone, Director General of the Zooprophylactic Institute
Portici South Experimental.
On this occasion, the promoted project “ENSEMBLE POUR CONSTRUIRE” will start
by the association APS Soma & Psiche, in synergy with many
associations, public and private bodies, with a series of initiatives aimed at
raise funds for the renovation of the Maison des Soeurs, for the
construction of a multifunctional center in the region, intended for young people,
families and the less fortunate.
We therefore thank the Association APS Annalisa Durante, who joined the
project with the donation of numerous books, the purchase of which (with an offer of
pleasure) will contribute to the cause.

“APS Soma & Psiche”, was established in December 2017 and is set up as an institution of
Third Sector which pursues general purposes of social utility, aiming at the prevention and
to the treatment of physical-emotional-social discomfort; promote integration into the social context
the disabled and people from different cultures; promoting the

training of citizens and socio-health operators in the field of physical-mental well-being

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