“I come back calmly, but now I’m turning the page”

ROME – Leonardo Spinazzola smiles again. The Giallorossi full-back carried out all the physical checks at the Neo Clinic in Turku, Finland, which they gave a response positive. Spinazzola will return to the capital today and will begin to do so in the coming days increase workloads until returning to work totally with the group.

Spinazzola tonight at 6:45 p.m. landed in Fiumicino accompanied by Dr. Costa and the physiotherapist who followed him in this long rehabilitation. Spinazzola smiling as he leaves the terminal: “Everything went well. I’m really happy. Back before the end of the season? Let’s see, let’s go step by step. Now I still don’t know when I’ll be back to train with my teammates, Let’s go slowly. Thank you? To all of them, to those who have worked with me but it’s not over yet. I’m turning the page, one chapter is closed, we’re opening another.

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Two full days of player testing, seen by Professor Lempainen: from instrumental examinations to field tests, then running, jumps, changes of direction, 10 and 20 meter sprints. But also the control of the different loads on the tendon, the resistance time in the exercises, the strength capacity, plyometric measurement (the ability of the neuromuscular system to overcome resistance with a high rate of contraction). Legs, but also to manage. Because one of the determining factors for a return to competitive activity is also that psychological. Also on this Lempainen will check the recovery of Spinazzola that he must be able pass various athletic tests in the absence of fear-avoidance movements or behaviors. Additionally, Spinazzola must be able to cope with the simulated demands of a match and be able to work successfully for the time required by the surgeon’s staff. Only at the end of all these checks the medical staff of the clinic, as well as that of Roma led by Dr Manara of course, will be able to decide whether or not to give the full-back the green light to fully resume competitive activity. If everything goes well, the 29-year-old will be able to complete full training gradually with the team until he returns to play.

At least Professor Lempainen’s ok at the summons 4-5 weeks. Spinazzola could therefore make themselves available only for the last matches of the season, also considering the possibility of seeing Roma committed to the Conference League final on May 25. This is why the possibility of not being dismissed not see Spinazzola this season (as with Zaniolo) but directly into pre-season sports training in July. In this case, the boy will have to wait a few weeks longer than expected, to return fully recovered and avoid relapses.

Spinazzola after checks:

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Spinazzola after the checks: “The serene return, but ready to turn the page”

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