“I don’t even pay for food”: still on vacation

Have you ever wanted to live every day of your life as if you were on vacation? A woman did it thanks to a “trick”

There are people who manage to reach the I dream of always feeling on vacation, just like Christine Kesteloo who, six months a year, spends her days in peace and moreover without paying a penny, not even for food. How did she do it? Wife, from the United States, he lives on a cruise ship and doesn’t have to pay anything to stay on board, gets free meals every day and his only expenses are wifi and tips for the staff.

Previously, the woman worked as cruise and travel director/organizer before losing her job when the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020 and now she sails on beautiful, sought-after cruise ships with her husband, who works as chief staff engineer, as the “woman on board”. Christine lives in Vlissingen in the Netherlands when she is not on the ships and insisted that not all crew members can take advantage of a free trip for their partners, but as her husband is a high-ranking officer, she had the chance to join and live together on the ship and at no additional cost.

She lives for free on a cruise ship, how did she do it?

As often happens to those who have similar possibilities, Christine also decided to tell her special life on social networks by creating the account dutchworld_americangirl on TikTok in which she shows her daily life on the cruise ship, spending time as if she were a paying passenger but, in reality, don’t spend a penny.

“Some would say that I live as if I were on vacation every day – and I do – he said – Every day I am in a new place and my most important decision is whether I want go to tea time, lie in the sun or do a wine tasting.”

What is free and what should pay instead

Wife there are only a few additional costs or $20 a week for unlimited internet access which he uses to keep his followers on TikTok up to date. He pays nothing for the food unless he decides to dine at one of the high end restaurants and in that case he has to pay a flat rate bill between $20 and $50. She can also choose to have food brought to the room via room service, and while technically free, she still tips the crew member who brings her food between $2 and $5.

Christine does not pay either take care of your laundry, because his dirty clothes are taken away by his maids every day at 7:30 a.m. to be cleaned for free. But the woman explained that she regularly gives the housekeeper, who also tidies her room, including vacuuming, changing the sheets, dusting, cleaning the small bathroom, and leave clean towels, a dot.

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