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Ignazio Moser and the accident during training. The man showed everything through the stories published on Instagram

The advent of social network it literally distorted the perception of what face shape is known to the eyes of the next audience. If before there was only television to give images and videos of the most loved people in the world of entertainment, with the explosion of the web things have changed considerably. Indeed, it is not necessary to constantly stay on the crest of the wave within the small screen to continue to nourish its bond with the fans. Young people, especially, have long understood this particular aspect.

Ignazio Moser (web source)

Today you have to work a lot on social networks, talk to people and entertain them in a completely personal way. And that’s how he learned all this, managing to create a very interesting community, Ignatius Moser. For some time now, the young man has gone from being a sports character to one who has also found his dimension in the show. All this is also evidenced by what has been participation in various reality shows, the latest being “The Island of the Famous”. Thanks to these, in fact, Ignatius became known to the general public for his very personal aspects, his character and his personality.

The love story with Cecile Rodriguez, another character who uses social networks a lot to tell his professional life but not only. In fact, Cecilia tiptoed into Italian show business, assuming a position quite distinct from that of her sister Belen over time. Ignatius and Cechu get along extremely well and their story continues at full speed.

Ignazio Moser, the accident in training

Between two young there are those who expect a shot within the next few months. For some time there has been talk of a marriage about which, however, no clear confirmation has ever come. Even the arrival of a child would be an important turning point, and it seems that Cecilia herself has already repeated that she is also ready to become a mother in her life. So far, however, things don’t seem to be coming to the turn fans expect.

Stories of Ignazio Moser
Stories of Ignazio Moser (Instagram)

Their life continues on a daily basis, and in all the problems of the case. Ignazio is a man who dedicates himself a lot to physical activity, even risking having accidents. Indeed, during training in recent hours, a physical problem with one hand appeared for Ignazio. Something that had already manifested itself in the past few days, although in this case Moser seemed more sore. “Price to pay to make the sprint, I practically lost my hand”explained Moser in pain in the stories of Instagram.

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