Ibrahimovic: ‘I play until I see someone better’

The Swedish champion: “Milan gave me happiness, coming back to the Champions League with this club was special”

Pawing waiting to take the field and win the World Cup, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. On March 29, he will challenge Poland to help his Sweden out of the qualifiers, as already happened – unfortunately for Italy – in 2017. In the meantime, he confides his thoughts to the UEFA site in an interview broadcast during his time at Ferrari in Maranello, suspended between the present and the future. “The future is not yet written, I’m not making plans and let’s see what happens – assures Ibra -. I have no intention of retiring and then saying that I could have continued , because i will regret it for the rest of my life. i want to play as long as possible. the reality is that i will play until i see someone better than me, then i play again… i know that “one day I’m going to quit and I won’t have that adrenaline. Every day we wake up, we get ready, we train, we eat and we rest. The next day is the same. You do these things for 20 years and you get adrenaline in return. When you suddenly stop, everything is missing, so you have to start from scratch and start something new.”


Honey words for Milan: “I play for the Rossoneri with a lot of emotion because Milan is a club that gave me happiness, they gave me so much and I think I spent more years here than in all the clubs I have represented. Now I am not chasing the ball, but vice versa… Is there a lot of competition in the team? No, there is no players with a big ego in Milan today. It was nice to be back in the Champions League with this qualifying shirt for a few years, everyone was very happy to be back in such a prestigious competition.” The Champions League remains the goal we dream of, one of the last goals to be cut: “It’s a fantastic tournament. I scored goals that I enjoyed a lot and I had the opportunity to play against the best teams and the best players in Europe. Do I feel like I never won it? In two ways: winning it would be fantastic, not winning it wouldn’t change me as a player. editor’s note) does not win everything”.


Regarding his way of being, Ibra has clear ideas: “No matter what happens to me, I will always be the same and I will not change. Love me or not, but I was not born to convince people” . With the accumulated experience, however, we want to give advice to the youngest: “Surrounding yourself with positive people, with positive energy, it helps a lot because it makes things easier. When you have negative people around you, they pull you down. It’s like they don’t want you to succeed. So my advice is: “It’s easy and anything is possible, but it’s up to you.” Finally, some childhood memories, recalling the years that formed the first Zlatan: “I grew up in Malmoe, in a small neighborhood called Rosengard, and I stayed there until I was 17 years. I was very much alive. They called me ‘ghetto’, but that was heaven because I had everything I wanted. I had friends, I had fun. We had football, it made people happy and it was cheap, indeed it was free. A pair of shoes was enough, but you could also play without. From there, it was a crescendo.” Then came the first contract with Malmoe: “When I signed my first contract, all of a sudden I started making money doing what I loved. Money didn’t make me happy, but it made things easier. Before, I walked a lot to get there. training, or I stole a bike (I know it’s not good, but we all do stupid things); then I managed to get my driver’s license and the car”. As a child, he had an important idol: “My father often showed me Muhammad Ali on television. I really liked this character. He was a champion of but he was also a champion in the ring. He didn’t speak because he was cocky, but because he was sure of himself, I’m like that too. For me, the best player in history is Ronaldo “the Phenomenon”. I followed and admired him. He did things that everyone wanted to do, things that had never been seen before, and everyone tried to copy him. When we went playing in the park with friends, we all tried to do the same things. Then I really met him and played against him – unfortunately never with him – and suddenly everything that was unreal became real ” .


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