In five years 88 works completed. “Let’s leave a healthy community”

Mirco Morini, mayor of Manciano since 2017 (Photo Enzo Russo)

Mayor Mirco Morini lists the work done in his term and claims to have achieved all the objectives set

MANCIANO. Manciano prepares to go to the vote. On June 12, the citizens are called upon to renew the municipal administration. The Morini administration takes stock of the work of these five years: 88 projects including public works and maintenance that have affected the entire territory, from energy efficiency interventions and the development of systems in schools, up to the maintenance of roads and public buildings, up to sports facilities.
“We leave a municipality in good health, from all points of view. We have achieved all the objectives set in the programmatic lines of each sector”, says the mayor of Manciano Mirco Morini about the 2017-2022 mandate which will end in May.
“During these 5 years – he continues – we had the opportunity to look closely at people’s needs, what was working and what was not. We have always worked by listening to the demands of citizens, the proposals of our voters and the criticisms of the opposition. We have worked hard, with a serious commitment to research and then find solutions to give quick and certain answers to those who ask us, transparently and always in the light of the sun. We all had to face great adversities together that perhaps no one had ever experienced before: the 2019 flood that knocked out the Cascate del Mulino, the repeated flooding of rivers due to strong waves of bad weather, the pandemic , the unavailability of the primary and college of Saturnia, the death of our municipal police commander Piero Rossi. We gave our lives within the walls of this Commune and at the same time we opened the doors of the Commune and we never left anyone behind”.

“It’s time to take stock – explains Public Works Councilor Valeria Bruni – and I do it looking back with my mind on everything that has been done: a myriad of projects and public works. The Public Works and Maintenance office has worked in a cost-effective and collaborative manner over the past five years. In five years, we have won 88 projects between public works and maintenance services. All the maintenance and redevelopment interventions concerned the municipal territory, both in Manciano and in the hamlets, giving priority to the safety of the existing real estate heritage with particular attention to school buildings and road safety”.
There have been difficulties, from the flood of winter 2019 to the pandemic. But, continues Bruni, “the specific field of public works and maintenance, despite the health emergency, has always guaranteed work in presence, although in alternation. In particular, the personnel assigned to the maintenance services, given the territorial logistics location, have always worked in presence and in safety”.
“In recent years – explains the budget adviser, Roberto Bulgarini – our goal was to achieve the objectives listed in the programmatic lines and that is what we have done. We honored the pact we made with the voters and won what we promised. In addition, it is not nothing, we have reduced taxes and during the period of the pandemic we have granted concessions to entrepreneurs and families. But not only that, we have increased our investments despite the delicate period we have had to face”.

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