In Ukraine, the stranded Italian does not leave the shelter with his animals. Farnesina: “We will have food and medicine”

Andrea Cisternino is not giving up. The 63-year-old Italian photographer stuck in kyiv has no intention of leaving the country where he lives and where he runs an animal shelter. The last contact was with Anna Raimondi, member of the Unitiperloro association, of which Cisternino is also a member. “Hello, I just heard Andrea – Anna Raimondi communicates on fb – The situation is unchanged. All the press is moving to bring everyone the message of Andrea who, through us, confirms the fact that he will not leave the shelter and his animal friends. He asks to find alternative routes since everything is blocked from Kyiv, so evaluate the northern or western routes. They are still without food, the water is from the well, not drinkable, and is boiled. However the will is strong and does not let go!” .

The Italian embassy in Ukraine (currently operational in Lviv) and the Farnesina crisis unit are following the case. Cisternino has been stranded for days north of kyiv in an area surrounded by Russian troops, with four people and 453 animals of all species sheltered.

“La Farnesina is following with the greatest attention the situation of his compatriot Andrea Cisternino, who runs a center for the protection of abandoned animals near kyiv. In particular, within the framework of the ongoing activities to help Italians who are still in Ukraine, The “Crisis Cell, in collaboration with the National Animal Protection Body, has taken measures to facilitate, through contacts with local authorities, the arrival of food and veterinary drugs – said the Ministry of Affairs foreign -. Rifugio Italia Kj2′ in kyiv, since its opening 10 years ago, has been in contact with our Embassy, ​​which recognizes its activities and which over the years has supported in relations with local authorities. kyiv is now on the route of the Russian armed forces coming from the north Ambassador Zazo had visited the center before the outbreak of hostilities. The possibility of bringing food to the region is linked to a suspension of the belligerents’ fighting.

According to news provided by Cisternino’s wife, the conditions of the Italian, the people staying with him and the animals are dire. The water is gone, only non-potable water from a nearby well remains. Food is exhausted, starting with flour. There is also no electricity, except that provided by a small generator, powered by diesel which is currently running out. Cisternino’s wife, Vlada Shalutko, who left the country ten days ago, is sounding the alarm and asking for help. “The situation is tragic – he says -. They have no food or water, there is no electricity either. bring food, but we need an agreement with the Russians ”. The Kj2 shelter is located 45 minutes from the capital, near the village of Lisovychi, today almost uninhabited.People flee and those who can leave the animals who find themselves without a master in the shelter.The latest arrivals are three horses, which must be fed.


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